Gotham at Comic-Con: Erin Richards Teases Barbara’s Dark Path in Season 2


Last season was a big year for Warner Bros. TV and DC Comics as they premiered several new DC TV shows, including FOX’s Batman prequel series Gotham, which tells the origin stories of Jim Gordon (played by Ben McKenzie) and of Gotham‘s most iconic villains before The Dark Knight became the city’s protector. One of the main characters is Barbara Kean (played by Erin Richards), who started out as Gordon’s fiancé and who will later become the mother of Barbara Gordon, a.k.a. Batgirl, in the future. However, Barbara went down a very dark path in Season 1, and near the end of the season, she endured horrible mental trauma that left her in a very bad place.

TVOvermind was fortunate enough to participate in the Gotham Press Room at San Diego Comic-Con with other news outlets at roundtables where stars and producers from the show discussed what is coming up in Season 2. Richards was one of the people we got to talk to, and you can watch her entire roundtable interview in the video below. Here are some of the highlights:

When asked if she knew that Barbara was always meant to take such a dark turn in Season 1: “They are really good with us. They don’t tell us too much, because I think they don’t want us to accidentally say something. But also these characters live so much in the moment that if you would know too much in ahead, you would sort of play what was going to come as opposed to what was. So right from the start, obviously she had her inner demons and that was quite apparent when she was with Jim. She obviously had demons, and we were playing through those. I’m not sure we knew how kind of dark the story was going to go. It was an interesting development for me, but I am really happy it’s developing that way.”

Whether the cast knows or speculates about who is going to be The Joker in Season 2: “We do quite a bit speculate! But we know stuff! [Laughs] We do know stuff. I have read the first four episodes of the season in a mind-blow. Every single one of them has been amazing. Because this year we are moving away from the procedural element and more for those amazing kind of story arcs, that are for me going to be more captivating, because we get the through line of these characters and the villains that are overrunning Gotham this year. It’s more that angle rather than the murder of the week.”

Gotham Season 2 begins on Monday Sept.21, at 8 p.m. on FOX. Stay tuned for more roundtable videos of the cast and producers in the next few days right here at TVOvermind.

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