What is Going on With all of These Hidden Westworld Trailers?

What is Going on With all of These Hidden Westworld Trailers?

What is Going on With all of These Hidden Westworld Trailers?

A lot of people are wondering just what’s going on with all the Westworld hidden trailers, especially the ones that seem to have a very purposeful glitch to them. What’s going on is that the creators of Westworld want people to keep guessing and theorizing as much as possible so long as it doesn’t mean that they’ll be figuring out just what’s coming. Let’s face it, there were enough surprises in the first season for people to accept and from that there were a lot of other theories and guesses going on that allowed people to draw various conclusions as to what was going to happen and what might be in store for the hosts and for the players.

The first season ended with something akin to a massacre as the retired hosts were brought back and the investors were sent scurrying after realizing that they were no longer in control. The man in black, after being revealed as a man that had fallen in and out of love with the system, was at one point the most feared individual in the game, but now is just another player attempting to survive. The scenes behind the game have become increasingly volatile, and the stakes for all involved have become even bigger. And more than that, the world in which the hosts could rule if they had the chance, which they now do, is about to get even stranger. If you thought that the wild west version was brutal just think of how a world in which samurai are the norm might play out. Things in Westworld are getting downright dangerous as it is, but inviting another type of world in at this point is bound to make things a whole lot more intense.

Now that at least some of the hosts know the score and what’s going on there’s going to be no stopping them from unleashing their own brand of justice on the players. Just imagine an automaton that can fight back and with lethal precision, and you might have an idea of things are going to go come next season. Now that some of the hosts know who they are and what they’re capable of, Westworld is going to be teeming with those that want to take a piece out of someone, anyone, that they might see as responsible for the pain in their lives. There’s no safe place to go to when it comes to this world, and that’s going to become a very poignant reality when Westworld comes back on the 22nd of April. Delos has lost control of its own creations and there’s no telling just how far they’ll have to go to get them back, or if they’ll be able to at all. One thing is for certain though, there are those that will want the system to end, and those that will die to protect it.

Those stuck in the middle are going to be in for one hell of a fight.

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