Gerard Butler Wants a Break from One Role

Gerard Butler Wants a Break from One Role
Gerard Butler Wants a Break from One Role

credit: Angel has Fallen

Gerard Butler wants a break from one role, in particular, to focus on a few other projects. The role of Secret Service agent Mike Banning is one that has been on fire for Butler. But before he starts in with Night Has Fallen, he’s ready to take on other projects. 

In his own words, Butler wants to become the ‘Tom Hanks‘ of action movies. In other words, he wants to take on other roles instead of binding himself to one franchise. It’s not surprising to learn that Butler wants to do as much as he can. Many actors choose to stick with a franchise or explore their options. 

Butler is in his early 50s at this time. It’s very easy to understand why he wants to explore other options at this time. At the moment, he is already starring in another action movie that will test him in a different way. This feels like a desire to break out of the mold he’s fallen into, and it’s natural. 

A lot of actors fall into a rut at one point or another in their careers. This isn’t much different from anyone else. The need to evolve and adapt to other roles in life is normal, and it hits everyone at some point. 

Gerard Butler Wants a Break from One Role

credit: Angel has Fallen

Gerard is an action hero primarily

It’s not possible to deny this right now since Butler has found great success in many action movies over the years. His time in the action genre is what has established him. Fans have come to expect that he will star in another action role when his name is mentioned. 

Some actors gain this reputation and can’t shake it. Others lean into it as hard as they can. Others who try to find a balance between action roles and other movies tend to become less effective in either. To this date, Gerard has seen far more success in action movies. 

His time spent as a leader is the most telling trait of his character. It’s rare that Gerard is seen as anything other than an alpha male character. His time as King Leonidas in 300 established this in a big way. The role of Mike Banning only expanded on this. 

The everyday hero is a role that many actors can take on

Hero roles are nothing new in Hollywood. In fact, this is one of the oldest roles in storytelling. Cinema is over a century old, and there are many heroes that have been added to the ranks. Decade after decade, more heroes are added to the list. Gerard is one of many, but it sounds like he wants to be more than just the alpha male. 

The role of the alpha male is a typical one. A man has to stand up and be tough in hard times. Women have taken up this role as well, but it is still a male-dominant field. The everyday hero, however, is a role that Gerard appears to want. The desire to show his skills as someone who is not a full-time warrior is another role that is common in action movies. 

Gerard Butler Wants a Break from One Role

credit: Plane

Gerard has tried other genres

He has starred in romantic comedies and dramas. But action is where many would agree that he belongs. His skills have leaned toward the action genre in a big way. This is where a lot of people have become comfortable seeing him over the years. 

It’s easy to praise Gerard for stretching his acting muscles. But at this time action is where he’s acclimated, and it feels like where he belongs. The need to diversify his roles is very easy to embrace. It’s also fun to think of what else he can do at this age. 

The fact is that he’s not a young man any longer. Thinking that he can dial down his alpha male role though is kind of tough. He’s spent many years as the top dog in a lot of different movies. It’s either that, or he’s seen as the toughest character. 

Trying to see him as an everyday individual is tough. After all, he hasn’t taken on such a persona in a while. 

The Has Fallen franchise is going to continue

At this time, it does not sound as though Night Has Fallen will be the final movie. How much longer it can continue, though, is hard to say. There are plans in place, but how long Butler can keep this up is uncertain. As it’s mentioned above, he’s in his 50s, which means that the future of Mike Banning is uncertain. 

A lot of fans will gladly argue that Mike will remain for a while yet. That could happen. But as of now, it sounds like Butler wants to expand his reputation before going back. 

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