10 Things You Didn’t Know about Georgina Chapman

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Georgina Chapman

Strong women in this day and age are being looked to by many in several different ways and expected to be a shining example for those that have yet to grow and become adults, but the truth is that a lot of them seem just as scared and uncertain at times as anyone else, they simply know how to keep their chin up and set the example. Georgina Chapman, no matter what’s been said in interviews or by the press or the public, is one of those women since she’s had to undergo an ordeal that might have destroyed many people and left them looking to other, more harmful alternatives to deal with the pain and suffering that’s been caused in the past year since her life was so severely disrupted. But give credit to Georgina, she’s pushed through a great deal already and is still standing. That’s the definition of a strong person no matter what.

Here are a few things you might not have known about her.

10. She was a model at one point.

Looking at Georgina she certainly has the appearance and figure of a model and there’s little doubt that she was quite adept at walking down a runway and appearing entirely professional. She did get into acting after a while and did fairly well.

9. She’s been a costume designer.

Some might state that this is nothing to be impressed by but honestly if anyone has ever worked in design they might soon realize just how difficult it can be since the ideas that must be come up with, the manner in which they have to be pieced together at times, and then the issues of the fabric, the layout, and putting it all together can be more difficult than understand, especially if there’s a deadline to meet.

8. She is pigeon-toed.

If you don’t know what this is then take a look at how people’s toes point when they’re walking. This condition tends to force a person’s toes to point inward when they walk and is something that is quite common among some folks. It’s not necessarily a bad thing but if it’s too severe then even just walking can become an impediment. Sometimes it’s due to weakened muscles and other times it’s due to weakened shin bones.

7. She was diagnosed with dyslexia.

If you don’t know what this is then it’s possible that you’ve never had to deal with or known anyone that has, which is fine really since it’s a reading disorder that some experience that makes reading certain words and passages difficult and can affect people in different ways. It has nothing to do with intelligence, but it does affect the way that they read and comprehend certain words on a page.

6. Her net worth is impressive.

It’s been placed at around $19 million in US currency, which means she’s worth quite a bit when you really think about it. Models and business folks seem to be worth a great deal more sometimes, and it might be worth it to figure out why.

5. She was a judge on Project Runway: All-Stars.

Who better to judge a modeling competition than someone who was in fact a model and a designer? She has a unique stance on the business that probably made her a great judge even though she only stood in for a short period in 2012.

4. Her career started in 2001.

Given that she’s in her early 40s this means that she had to have started when she was in her 20s, which seems like it might be kind of odd when a lot of models seem to start in their teens or younger. But despite that she’s made it work and become quite popular really.

3. She was married to Harvey Weinstein.

She and Harvey separated in 2017 after the scandal hit and she admitted that she felt naive and hadn’t suspected a thing up until he was accused by upwards of 90 women of his misconduct in the past. This was perhaps one of the worst scandals that has come along in some time and unfortunately she never saw it coming.

2. She’s the co-founder of her own fashion label.

This is impressive simply because it means that she is a self-made person no matter if she had help or not. Co-founding your own business is not an easy proposition and even if she had aid to get it going there’s nothing that can be taken away from her when it comes to having the gumption to start something like this.

1. She faced a lot of backlash from the Weinstein scandal.

Hatred and vitriol flies in every direction during such scandals and too much of it went in her direction when she had nothing to do with it and no knowledge of it. At one point she had to see a therapist as the scandal and the damage to her marriage and life had driven her to start losing weight at an unhealthy rate.

She is much stronger than some might think, and while the scandal didn’t break her it has certainly been a learning experience in her life.Harvey Weinstein

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