General Hospital Spoilers: Could Nelle be Killed Off?

General Hospital fans know Nelle is anything but the most popular woman in Port Charles, but there is so much people don’t know about her. The only thing people are sure of at this point is that she’s a liar, and even then she’s not all that good at lying. She’s got too much going on in her mind to keep things straight, and she can’t help but lie when she feels it’s good for her to do it to win rather than to keep a lid on the things she’s been working so hard to hide. She’s not quite right, and people have begun to realize this is the truth.

And now there is more to her story than we knew in the past. She’s got a bigger problem to worry about. We hear there is a good chance writers on the show are a little tired of her character. She adds very little to the story, but she’s constantly whiny and annoying to all she meets — and there is a rumor they might just kill her off in the near future.

But who will get the honor of being the person who gets to remove this obnoxious creature from the lives of everyone in Port Charles? We hear it could be anyone from Nina to Valentin to Michael to Carly to Sonny to anyone in between — and we have a feeling there is no shortage of people who would be happy to do the honor of this.

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