General Hospital Spoilers: Maxie Can’t Get A Break

General Hospital fans know so many things happen all the time before anyone can stop them, and this is not one of the days where that kind of exception is made. It’s a day in which people are upset, and things don’t go well for others. We are going to see that Maxie cannot get a break in her life. She’s lost her husband, she’s got to be a single mother, she is with her sister-in-law who really does hate her, and she’s making some questionable personal decisions at this point in her life.

But today she’s also going to have a very strange and awkward situation when she runs into Lulu. The entire thing will go wrong from start to finish, and neither of them will be comfortable. They’ll be awkward with one another even though they will try not to be. All it will do is remind Maxie that her life is not what it was or what it should be, and that she has more problems than she can even relate to.

She’s in a bad place, and we aren’t sure she can get herself out of it to be quite honest. She’s been so consumed with things lately that she’s not realized just how much her life has changed. She’s not really sure she can figure out what is going on, and she is nothing short of horrified by that. She’s sad, and she can’t do much about it right now.

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