General Hospital Spoilers: Alexis Learns More About Julian

General Hospital Spoilers: Alexis Learns More About Julian

General Hospital fans aren’t sure what to make of how the situation is going to turn out with Alexis and Julian. She’s learned a few things about his incarceration that might surprise her, and we know he’s coming back. What we don’t know is if this means he’s going to go free after being in jail for the past few months or if she’s just going to go see him so she can ask some questions about his situation. There is a good chance she might have little of both to deal with.

If he does go free, do they decide to continue down the path they were on? Do they make the decision to spend some time alone and focus on their relationship, or do they do something else that makes less sense to some and more sense to others? We aren’t sure what it means to anyone at the moment, but we do have to say we think they might end up together.

Sam will not like this, but she’s got other more pressing issues to worry about. She’s got a family who is not happy with her right now, and she’s got some other issues to deal with. For one, she’s got to deal with the fact that she’s not sure what she feels is going on with her husband and the man who looks like her husband but allegedly isn’t. She’s confused, and people are unhappy with her for it.

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