General Hospital: Jason Shows Up in Switzerland

General Hospital fans know Jason will show up in Switzerland for his own reasons, and we suspect that he might be there because Anna is there. This won’t happen right away, of course, but it will happen soon. And we think that there is a good chance someone will find out he is there and want to know why. If anything, he’s not someone that a lot of people want to see coming right now. He’s in the middle of all of this, even if he’s not entirely sure why and how at this point.

But we do know this. He will run into a very familiar face when he shows up in Switzerland to find out what is going on, and that face will be one he’s happy to see. He’s going to run into Sam. He knew she was out of town trying to get a handle on her life and where it’s going from here, but he didn’t know that he would run into her here.

And we think that he will have some very kind words for her. He will be more than happy to see her, and this will be one of those fateful and very pre-destined situations that makes them feel good about things. Is it a sign they can both see? Is this something they wanted to see coming? Did either of them ask for a sign going into this situation to find out if there is anything they need to know about one another?

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