The Five Best General Hospital Couples of All-Time


General Hospital fans have been privy to some great love affairs over the years, but that doesn’t mean we like them, love them, or even appreciate them all. We have our favorites here and there, and we love to show them off to you. Over the years, so many couples have come and gone and not worked out, but we love a few more than we love others. You might not agree with our favorites, but that doesn’t mean we can’t wait to hear all about who your favorite couples are. We want to know who it is that rocks your world.

Felicia and Mac

They’re long gone in terms of what’s up these days, but they are one of our all-time favorite couples. They were just so happy together, and their love was so apparent. They might not have always been together, and they might have always had their moments in which they left one another. But he was always there for her and her two daughters. He was always there to be the man they needed, and he was always there to pick her up when she fell apart. There is just not much she cannot do when it comes to how he feels for her, and we have always loved that. We have always loved seeing them show their love for one another in a way that worked out for them, and we loved seeing how their final love affair ended with an engagement.

Carly and Sonny

We don’t care what anyone else thinks. We love them. There are those who thought that Brenda was always the better choice for him, but we like him with Carly. We also really like Laura Wright as Carly more than any other Carly. These two have been through so much together, and they don’t seem like that will change anytime in the near future. They’ve lost a son, they’ve dealt with people coming at them from every angle, and they’ve really been good for one another. Even when they aren’t good for one another, we know they’ll find their way back into one another’s arms, and that’s what the fans want to see more than anything else for them.

Jason and Sam

Can we even get past you without mentioning that they are, by far, our favorite couple ever? They have the most love, the most history, and the most insane chemistry. They’ve been one another’s one and only for so long — well, if you ignore the fact that Sam is currently married to Drew and that’s a situation that she didn’t see coming given that she thought he was Jason for many years. But that’s not all. They are good together. They make us love them more each day, and that’s not even an easy task.

Luke and Laura

They will just go down in history as the best couple ever. Even when things did not work for them, we still loved them more than any other couple imaginable. We love their love, the fact that they let it win over everything every time, and the fact that they didn’t care what their families said. We loved them together. Their wedding is like the most watched daytime television situation in the history of forever — and that was before DVR and TiVo, so we imagine people probably called in sick all over the world for that one. Or they taped it on their VCR.

Lila and Edward

They are the one couple that really did make things work. They were the couple that were so different, yet they worked so well together. And they were beyond adorable. He was always greedy and upset and always working to ensure he could get what he wanted for their family, but she was also sweet and always working to make sure he was on his best behavior. She was the woman who kept everyone together and made it all work. They are the most beloved couple. Their ending was the most tragic when she died so sweetly in her bed just moments after telling her husband how much she loved him. It was a beautiful moment we all lived to watch so much.

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