General Hospital: Alexis Has A Mess to Clean Up

General Hospital fans know Alexis has her fair share of problems in life given she’s been an alcoholic and then she wasn’t, and then she was, and she can’t seem to make up her mind about that. She’s got a daughter with some big life problems, and she’s got a daughter who hates her father, whom she’s still in love with and wants to be with, but he’s in prison and looking for his way out now that he’s been proven innocent. And this is just all in the past few months. That’s not even all the stuff she’s been through in the last several decades.

However, we are certain Alexis is going to find out that her life is going to change for the worse yet again. She cannot seem to get a break, and we feel sorry for her because of that. She’s got some stuff going on right now she can’t control, and it’s bad news. An article is about to be published with some information about her and her life that might or might not be true, but it’s certainly unflattering in every manner.

And what can she do about that? What can she do to find out who did this, who put this on her like this, and how will it affect her life? She’s got so much to live for, and she’s not going to be happy to see this when it all comes to light. It’s going to mean someone has to pay.

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