10 Things You Didn’t Know about Geles Rodriguez

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Geles Rodriguez

Geles Rodriguez

Relationships are not easy. Some engagements work while others don’t, and in case of a breakup, people take it differently. Some move on while others take time to get over their exes. Geles Rodriguez is one person who could not get over her ex-boyfriend quickly. Born on 14th September 1993 in the United States, Geles has grown to become a reality star. Get to know more about her by checking on these few facts.

1. She enjoys swimming

Geles enjoys swimming and earns a name as a mermaid because of her tendency to be always on the beach. Spending time on the beach is an activity that she does when she is free, and a look at her Instagram account will reveal a lot of pictures of her in her swimming costumes. In her Instagram profile, she calls herself a part-time mermaid.

2. She has a net worth of approximately $100,000 to $1 million

Geles has a net worth of roughly $100,000 to $1 million. Her primary source of income is her career as a reality star. Her exact net worth has not been known to us since she has not revealed her salary and other businesses in which she might be involved. From the career and possible earnings, we get the approximate value of her net worth. She also works as a cheerleader who is another source of her income. The two occupations are associated with lucrative pay, but she has not disclosed the precise figure.

3. She took longer to get over her ex, Anthony

Love is a strong feeling that can imprison our thinking and torture our emotions. After breaking up with Anthony Martin, Geles could not believe it and took a long time to get over him. The two loved each other and had a mutual understanding. According to IB Times, they had even planned to get married. Anthony once said that if he found out that Geles was not his perfect match, it could be a dagger in the heart. Things later changed, and the two went separate ways, making Geles live with regrets.

4. She is single

After her break up with Anthony, she took a lot of time trying to reconcile and revive the relationship, but all was in vain. She finally decided that it was time to move on and is looking for her perfect match. She is not engaged to any boyfriend now as she said in an interview on The Celebs Closet. She is looking for a boyfriend to settle down with and start a family.

5. She enjoys games in relationships

Geles Rodriguez does not focus on relationships. She has had many boyfriends in her life. She does not give her time in the relationship with her boyfriend and is always on the run to try new people. Geles has even been found to cheat on some of his ex-boyfriends. She is indecisive. She once could not choose between two guys as she was confused over both of them. The indecisive behavior in relationships has resulted in her singlehood as she still looks for her perfect match, which always seems challenging to find. The games that she loves playing in a relationship might make her look for her soulmate even longer so more ex-boyfriends line up in the future.

6. She once was a cheerleader

Before she was famous, Geles Rodriguez was a cheerleader in Texas. The career as a cheerleader is because she has a passion for dancing and performing. The coaches realized her talent and made her a cheerleader captain. When she was a captain as a cheerleader, she excelled in athletics, and this paved the way for other significant opportunities. She loved her work as a cheerleader and got motivation from the fact that she was being paid to pursue her passion.

7. Geles was always at the top of her class

Geles had an excellent academic record that placed her among the top 10 students in her class in her senior division. She was also active in activities outside class and represented the school in many competitions. It is in these competitions that she learned to work on her talent. When she finished high school, she landed an opportunity in cheerleading. Geles was so excited about it that she could not concentrate further on the university applications that she had made. That is where her talent began taking effect.

8. Friends and relatives contributed to her rise

Her entry into the reality show was based on the votes by the friends via messages. It was thus necessary that she campaigns for votes. Many friends and relatives supported her by voting for her with her sister urging her friends to vote for Geles, and her mother also passing the message. She later became the winner, and could not hide her gratitude for the immense support. Her friends and relatives also appreciated their efforts and danced after Geles got her victory.

9. She drinks alcohol

Most celebrities are associated with alcohol drinking and Geles drink alcohol, but in small amounts. There was a change in her drinking habits as she says in her twitter account. Previously, she used to drink heavily despite the consequences of excessive drinking. The difference in the way of alcohol consumption might be due to lessons that she got to learn from her past drinking experience. In her tweet, she says that she cannot drink like she used to drink.

10. She has a massive social media presence

Reality stars are always fans of social media where they keep intact with their fans. Geles is a social media personality. She makes use of her Instagram and Twitter accounts to update fans about her life. Her Instagram is full of pictures that she posts daily, and one look into her Instagram will reveal how adventurous she is. She also uses her twitter account to update her progress in the show.

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