Five Things You Didn’t Know about Frozone from “The Incredibles”

Five Things You Didn’t Know about Frozone from “The Incredibles”

Five Things You Didn’t Know about Frozone from “The Incredibles”

Frozone is just one of the Supers in the film The Incredibles and he’s the best friend of Mr. Incredible as the two go way back. He even served as the best man between Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl after they met. It’s pretty easy to see which superhero inspired Frozone’s power set, but that hero in particular is a bit more powerful and his effects tend to last a lot longer. Frozone though is a jack of many trades but master of only one that anyone knows of. He’s strong, quick, and capable, but he does have one glaring weakness.

More on that in a second.

5. Supposedly he’s the godfather of Bob’s kids.

This is never really said but it’s been implied and it would make sense considering that he’s so close to the family. After all he was there before Bob and Helen were a couple and so was the obvious choice to be best man and then possibly godfather to their kids. It would also make sense considering how much he cares about the family and rushes to their rescue when they’re in need of help.

4. He can’t use his powers when he’s dehydrated.

Despite being based off of Iceman and basically being a mutant in some way since he’s had the power ever since childhood, Frozone is vulnerable to being dehydrated. Unlike Iceman he can’t just turn the power on and off like a valve when he wants. He has to be properly hydrated in order to make his powers work, which is why when he and Bob are in the burning building trying to evacuate people that his powers are a no-go.

3. His adjustment to civilian life went a lot smoother.

For whatever reason Lucius managed to slide into civilian life a lot easier than Bob and Helen did. It could have been that he had greater control over his powers and his ego, or it could have been that he and his wife didn’t have any kids. But the obvious fact was that he was living in a regular civilian life without the possibility of anything bad happening to him or because of him. That ended when he got involved again.

2. Operation Kronos was meant for Frozone at first. 

Syndrome wasn’t too picky, he was going after all the Supers. But he was about to send his Omnidroid after Frozone first since he’d found Lucius and knew where he was. But when they obtained surveillance of Lucius and Bob playing hero again they decided to switch targets and go after Mr. Incredible since he was the most powerful Super around.

1. His visor serves two purposes. 

The visor looks a lot like one that a certain X-Man wears, but nothing is shooting out of this thing when Frozone wears it. Instead it serves a dual a purpose, to cover his eyes so that he doesn’t go snowblind, and to preserve his secret identity. So yeah, Iceman never had to do this, but then Iceman turned into a solid ice figure as well.

Despite not having a lot of screen time Frozone is pretty cool.

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