From Dusk Till Dawn Season 1 Episode 10 Review: “The Take”

From Dusk Till Dawn

Everything so far on From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series has been building up to this: the season finale. “The Take” must accomplish two things to be considered a success: first, it has to wrap up the storyline presented in the first film of the series, of which the first season has been an expanded adaptation of; second, it has to provide some real reason for the story to continue into another season, something that the original film did not adequately provide. Luckily for fans and the network, “The Take” is able to accomplish both of these goals.

The episode opens with Seth and Richie still inside the labyrinth. After a few more events, they are finally able to make it to the center. Opening the door at the end, the brothers manage to find the way of freeing Santanico (in an uncomfortable moment involving a snake). Richie frees Santanico, and the brothers head back up the stairs to exit the temple. Elsewhere, Jacob sends Freddie to save his daughter while he confronts Scott, trying to reason with him. At the altar, Katie manages to break free from her bonds right as Officer Gonzales shows up. A fight breaks out between the three, and Sex Machine succumbs to Freddie’s blade. Jacob attempts to kill Scott in order to save his son’s soul, but he can’t bring himself to complete the task. Unfortunately, Scott uses his father’s hesitation to bite him.

Upstairs in the bar, a confrontation breaks out between Carlos, the Gekko Brothers, and Santanico. Scott, meanwhile, reveals that he blames his father for the death of his mother, but Freddie and Katie show up to take Jacob away. The two siblings have an argument, and Scott runs off into the temple. Jacob tells his daughter that this will have to end with his death, but she refuses to listen to her father.

Things come to a head between Carlos and Santanico as he tries to kill Richie, but Santanico attacks in full force. Carlos manages to escape with Richie, however, as Santanico’s power ends at the door of the bar/temple. She tries to convince Seth to help her and Richie, but he is reluctant after the methodical betrayal he feels he has endured. At the last second, though, he decides to go along with the plan. Back in the tunnels, Jacob finally convinces his daughter that he has to die so that he doesn’t turn into “a demon from hell.” The former pastor reveals that he has finally found God again in the pagan temple, and Katie sets her father free with a wooden stake to the heart.

I’m going to choose not to spoil the rest of the finale other than to say the events end with characters pairing off and going their separate ways. One can simply look at the cast list for Season 2 to see who survives the episode and who doesn’t, but the hour ends with much more potential for a future than you would ever expect after the pilot episode of the show. For ten episodes, From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series managed to adequately adapt a cult-favorite film while expanding the mythology exponentially. The show ended up being a true master class on action in television, and I, for one, am incredibly excited to see where the series goes in the future.

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