Former Bold and the Beautiful Couples We Hope Stay Apart

Bold and the Beautiful fans know their favorite soap is a little different than others. It’s still dramatic and crazy, and things happen here that would never happen to most people in the real world. However, unlike other soaps where there are monsters and aliens people dying and coming back from the dead and doing things that would never happen in the real world, there are people here who are just falling in love and out of love and doing things like that. But, this is a romantic situation we cannot argue with. People don’t kill each other here on a regular basis, or hunt for lives, or die and come back from the grave. They just get married, and divorced, and remarried, and then they marry other people, and then things like that happen. And there are some couples we can say with absolute certainly we just don’t want to see back together. Do you agree with our assessment?

Flo and Wyatt

This is a couple we cannot get on board with. We didn’t like them from the start, and we will not like them again. He is too good for her, and she will never be good enough for him. What she did to his family was horrible, but she should have spoken up immediately when she found out it was his family and that it was their situation. She did not, and she entered into a relationship with him regardless. There is nothing worse than what she did to this family, but by knowingly entering into a relationship with him on top of everything else, she hurt him a lot. She set him up to break his heart, and that is selfish and ugly and horrible. She knew that, yet she did it anyway. She was only after what she wanted. She was not interested in what anyone else was doing or what anyone else was thinking or feeling. She was only working on herself, and she was selfish. That’s not something that works well with Wyatt. Also, we just love him with Sally. Flo is not our cup of tea, and we don’t think that they will ever be good together.

Bill and Brooke

A disaster waiting to happen, and we cannot see her sister forgiving her yet again for doing this to them. They are not meant to be, and we get it. We get that they are not the kind of couple who has things to do well, and they are not the kind of couple who has anything we want. They might have worked that one time, but they are not going to work again. And, we don’t want to see them work. We worry that now she is thinking about ending her marriage with Ridge, she might go back that direction. Then again, we think she might forgo Bill since he is with her dying sister, and she might just go find a little bit of time to spend with her father-in-law, and that might leave Quinn without a husband. We must admit that we think that would be fabulous, and we might actually look forward to that one.

Steffy and Liam

There’s nothing going on here that makes us feel good. They are good together. Far better than he is with Hope, but we don’t want to see them together. We want to see her with someone else entirely; someone who will come into town and make things right with her and make her feel like the most special, the most beautiful, and the most amazing woman in the world — and he will never, ever fall for anyone else or make her question anything about their love. And that’s a thing that makes everyone feel good about life. We do not, however, want to see her and Liam together again. They might have some amazing chemistry, but he brings her down and makes her question herself and her worth. We don’t like that, and we don’t want to see more of that. We want to see them focus on things that are better in their lives, which is focusing on their daughter, his kids, and their futures. Not one another.

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