Fixer Upper is Calling it Quits After Season 5: The Details

Fixer Upper is Calling it Quits After Season 5: The Details

For years now, fans have loved Chip and JoJo on HGTV’s hit show “Fixer Upper”. It takes place in Waco, Texas, where Chip and Joanna Gaines help potential homeowners to choose a fixer-upper of their own and then the couple renovates it for them And, boy, are they good at it! Chip jokes and clowns his way through the hard part of demo day and then the re-build. Then JoJo takes over by putting her special touch on the decor. She uses just the right combination of modern and farmhouse design and it always turns out just perfect.

Everybody Loves Chip and JoJo

It’s really easy to see why the viewing public loves Chip and JoJo. They are the cutest couple with an adorable bunch of kids, and an amazing farmhouse that makes us all want to move to Texas. Chip is so endearing with his antics and especially his animal-loving ways that cause him to bring home a new pet every other day. And, JoJo seems to genuinely love everything that he does, no matter how crazy. However, she wasn’t too keen on him eating a cockroach while they were showing a house to a couple last year. That was undoubtedly the grossest trick he’s pulled to date.

Final Season

But now, after four seasons of Fixer Upper, the show’s stars are calling it quits at the end of season five, which will be premiering on Tuesday, Nov. 28. We’ll all be sure to watch this final season with more rapt attention than ever before, knowing that it will be their last. Naturally, fans are all wondering why. They seem to be having such fun on the show, why would they want it to end? Well, obviously they have their reasons and here are a few of the many valid reasons as we understand the situation:

They’re Kinda Tired

Making a hit show year after year can be an exhausting process and everybody needs to rest and regroup now and then. They just might need to catch their breath and prioritize.

Spending More Time with Family

They have four kids ranging in age from 7 to 12, Emmie Kay, Duke, Drake, and Ella, and they want to give them as normal a childhood as possible. That means keeping them out of the spotlight and spending more time with them.

Other Irons in the Fire

The couple has plenty going on besides just their HGTV show, including Magnolia Market at the Silos, which is their very own hometown shopping center and its currently bringing in 40,000 shoppers a week. They also have several vacation rental properties, their own real estate company, a new paint line, a bakery, and even a restaurant that will be opening soon. On top of all that, they still have the farm to maintain and, oh yeah, all of those animals to take care of.

Coming to a Target Near You

Chip and JoJo also have a new home goods line that will be in Target stores very soon. It’s their Hearth & Hand with Magnolia line and it will include 300+ items that will be arriving at Target stores in time for the holidays in November. Now, everybody can own those fabulous farmhouse looks that we all know and love on the show.

So, if you’re a Fixer Upper fan, be sure to tune into the final season on HGTV before it’s over. We’ll all miss Chip’s comedic take on renos, as well as JoJo’s smiling face. They’re truly a super-couple while still being down-to-earth and we wish them all the very best that life can bring.

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