Five Ways Namor Should Impact the MCU

Five Ways Namor Should Impact the MCU

Five Ways Namor Should Impact the MCU

Out of the many characters that have yet to be introduced to the MCU, Namor the Sub-Mariner is one of those that probably should have been included a while ago if only to give the Infinity Saga one more person to focus on. The half-Atlantean, half-human hybrid that has been a villain and a hero in the Marvel universe has been called Marvel’s version of Aquaman, but the fact is that he’s a little more hotheaded than Arthur Curry and tends to carry a much bigger chip on his shoulder since he’s managed to do far more damage with his water-born abilities over the years and has even been shown to be one of the more powerful and troublesome enemies in the comics. But while he’s insanely tough in the water, Namor is another character that’s hindered when he’s kept out of his element for too long, meaning that he’s tough, but not completely invulnerable. How he’ll be allowed to impact the MCU however could go a long way to explaining his character to those that have never read a comic book.  Here are a few ways that Namor should be allowed to impact the MCU. 

5. He should have something to do with the Fantastic Four and their arrival.

It’s not sounding as though Namor and the FF are going to be seen together, but there are plenty of rumors that are being tossed around at this point, and anything could happen since the FF movie could feature Namor in some way, even if he’s not the big bad. On another note, Namor does have a lot to do with the FF since he and the quartet have had their moments in the past. But he’s also been completely infatuated with Sue Storm, which could be an interesting story in the here and now that might be played upon. But if this isn’t the desired outcome then the hope is that we’ll at least see the character cameo in an FF movie, or vice versa. 

4. Namor and the Avengers should hopefully interact. 

This sounds like it will happen anyway since there was mention of underwater seismic activity in Endgame, but it feels as though the reveal might still take a while. Namor has been an enemy as well as an ally to the Avengers in the past, but it remains to be seen how he’s going to become involved with the team, and so far rumors are scarce. But adding him to their ranks, or at least being able to call him an ally, would likely invite a lot more trouble, even if it will give the Avengers another powerful force to rely on when times are tough. He did appear alongside the heroes in Infinity Gauntlet in the comics, but like so many others he hasn’t been seen in the MCU yet. 

3. He could help to bring about the Illuminati. 

Whether or not this group has already been created is tough to say since it might be kind of easy to retcon this idea and make it appear as though it’s been in place for a while. But Namor was one of the members that didn’t always agree with the others. If this group is brought into being a few different storylines in the MCU will likely be considered and even given a season to establish whether or not it’s worth putting so many different characters together. People love seeing it, but the issue of crossing one or more characters over to another movie is something that appears to cause a bit of trouble now and then. 

2. Namor is about to wage war on the surface. 

This is the kind of interaction that would make a lot more sense given that Namor is the king of Atlantis and isn’t quite as indifferent to surface dwellers as Aquaman has been in the past. Namor is the type of character that is all about getting his retribution and making others realize that crossing him is a very bad idea. The power he holds and the army he commands are great enough to spark a war against the surface that might not be wise but is bound to happen since he’s a little too hot-tempered at times. 

1. Atlantis and Wakanda are about to collide. 

This is bound to happen anyway since Namor and Black Panther have had a history in the comics, and if people are now hoping to get Black Panther recast then it might happen that we’ll get to see the fight between two kings that a lot of folks would like to see. The nation of Wakanda versus Atlantis feels like it would be a cinematic war that might capture the attention of a lot of people, but could be a CGI nightmare if it’s not given the proper attention that it needs.  Given his involvement in the Marvel universe, Namor deserves a big entrance of some type. 


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