Five Times We’ve Been Teased with a Potential Firefly Return

Five Times We’ve Been Teased with a Potential Firefly Return

Some actors just love getting the fans riled up for a number of reasons, and Nate Fillion, one of the stars of the beloved show Firefly does just that. A lot of fans were a bit upset when it came to how the show ended, and in turn how its corresponding movie Serenity seemed intent on changing things around. We could possibly remind folks that it is science fiction so virtually anything goes without having to worry about what’s feasible and what’s not, but fans tend to like SOME continuity in their entertainment. Can you really blame them though?

Here are the five times that the Firefly fans were allowed to get excited.

5. Nate Fillion just had to post a mini-reunion pic of the crew.

Really Nate? REALLY? Fans that saw this were immediately jumping out of their seats and getting ready to lose their minds with the thought that Firefly might be making a comeback sometime soon. Who can really fault that logic though? The picture alone was enough to give a lot of fans noticeable palpitations when the picture was allowed to hit the web. Really not cool Fillion, well, it could be, but not just to tease.

4. Writer/Producer Tim Minear talks it up during an interview.

It’s been talked about back and forth how it could happen and how it couldn’t possibly happen. So which is it?  While it’s true that Tim Minear went to work on American Horror Story for a while there’s nothing to say that he couldn’t help to rekindle Firefly in some way, right? Well to hear him tell it you might think he’s hedging his bets on whether it will really happen or not. Stop messing with our heads Tim, just give a definitive yes or no.

3. Everyone from the show is doing so well that a comeback could be inevitable.

If that confused you at all then let me explain. When the actors from a show go on to branch out and find that they can actually find fame in other venues, there’s a chance that they might never come back to the show that got them started, or there is a great chance. The latter option is largely due to the fact that fans will continue to ask them, the writers, and the producers to continue or at least conclude the story of the beloved characters and find a way to make the show work again. It’s desperation on the part of the fans and loyalty on the part of the actors that makes such things happen quite often.

2. Wash cannot be dead. He just can’t. 

If you watched the movie Serenity then you might have felt like you got your heart ripped out of your chest when Alan Tudyk’s character bit the big one in a most implausible way. In fact several fans have even devised their own theories stating how it’s simply not physically possible for Wash to be dead. That’s how much people loved this show, and how much they want a reboot that will bring Wash back to life. Hollywood magic, gotta love it.

1. Fox has thrown down the gauntlet to Josh Whedon.

It’s in Whedon’s court now, and fans are simply begging him to pick up the ball and run with it. Does this point even need to be made any longer? Whedon has the fame and the notoriety in Hollywood, now it remains to be seen if he still has the interest.

Yes, Firefly was a loved and cherished show, and yes, Serenity was kind of a bad way to leave things. If Whedon and Fox can agree however there could be a whole new season ready to get underway and a much brighter future in store for the crew of the Firefly. Wash, welcome back, we hope.


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