Five Things We Learned from Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 2

Things are truly heating up as GoT has returned in full form and the lands of Westeros are now embroiled in a struggle to discover just who is truly worthy of the Iron Throne. The Mother of Dragons and the Breaker of Chains, Daenerys Stormborn, has reached Dragonstone, and with Tyrion at her side seems poised to take Westeros by storm. Cersei knows her position is tenuous and yet she plays a dangerous game by seeking to subjugate those to the north, and Arya, no longer a frightened little girl, is on her way to wreak her vengeance. And all the while, the White Walkers continue their march.

The war is moving closer, and the pieces continue to move in the Game of Thrones. Here is what episode 2 has showed us thus far.

Daenerys is every bit as vicious as her father, but far more controlled.

She rightfully confronted Varys for the simple fact that he knows how to survive. He did in fact serve her father, then the usurper turned king Robert Baratheon, and then whomever would benefit from his network of spies. Despite her desire to see him burn, she was at least diplomatic in sparing his life, though she did promise to burn him alive if he showed any sign of deceit. And then, inviting Jon to Dragonstone to bend the knee to her. She’s audacious to be certain, but still controlled.

The dragons are no longer an end-all measure to the war.

You would think three fully-grown dragons would be a game changer for Daenerys’s army, but upon seeing the weapon that Cersei’s blacksmiths have been working day and night it stands to reason that the dragons are now entirely vulnerable. It might take a steady hand and a skilled shot to bring down a single dragon, but one telling shot would be enough to do some serious damage. Cersei can see a dragon coming, but can her people hit it? That will be the real question.

There is no happy reunion between Arya and Nymeria.

Having chased her dire wolf away in the first season, fans were so hoping for a reunion between Arya and her dire wolf. Unfortunately it would appear that Nymeria is not so keen on the idea. Thankfully the wolf seems to hold no ideas of taking her revenge on being cast away. But there seems to be no chance at uniting at this time.

Euron Greyjoy is a very serious threat.

With a ship that dominates anything on the sea and a level of ruthless aggression that seems to have no limit Euron has become a game changer all on his own. After coming out of left field so to speak he’s come to wreak havoc in Westeros on his own terms. He does after all have a queen to impress and an alliance to make. But capturing Yara and Ellaria makes for an even more diabolical twist to his madness.

The Lannisters are becoming rather desperate.

In the beginning of the series the Lannisters did not often offer anything without exacting a heavy price. Now Cersei’s bargains sound more like thinly-veiled pleas as she details the horrors that await the lords of Westeros if Daenerys is allowed to conquer with her foreign hordes. She knows very well that she and her house have very few true allies and is attempting to bargain from a very treacherous perch. Even Jaime has come to realize this. They still have power, but it is waning, and if they cannot depend upon Euron, then their base might begin to crumble.

We were shown a great deal that is still in the works this week, but were left aching for so much more as always. That is however what keeps bringing us back, we want to know how the story is going to end, or continue.

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