Five Things You Didn’t Know About X-Wings

Five Things You Didn’t Know About X-Wings

Five Things You Didn’t Know About X-Wings

Stars Wars fans have something to look forward to in the fourth and final series of ‘Star Wars Rebels’ as the iconic X-Wing will feature in the show. In the second and third series, B-Wings and Y-Wings, the traditional rebel flight suits, were introduced but now it is the turn of the X-Wings. Many fans consider the X-Wings to be the most definitive symbols of both the Rebel Alliance and of Star Wars in general. Finally showing the X-Wings is the perfect way for the series to end. The final season of ‘Star Wars Rebels’ is set to launch in the fall. In preparation, here are five things you might not know about X-Wings.

1. The X-Wings Were Not Created as Equals

The different models of X-Wings were not all equal. In fact, there are significant differences between the different models. The T-65 killed the Death Star, so clearly it was a powerful craft. On the downside, there were some technical issues with this model. The T-70 boasted advanced weaponry and a greater range of fire. This was replaced by the T-85 due to corruption and political motivations. This model has the capacity to house the Y-Wing bomber that has heavy firepower while maintaining versatility and speed.

2. A Star Fighter Simulation Game Inspired the X-Wing Book Series

A series of books with 10 novels was written called ‘Star Wars: X-Wing’. These are about the squadrons of X-Wing. It covers adventures that take place after the Battle of Yavin. The books were inspired by a space combat simulation video game called ‘Star Wars: X-Wing’.

3. The X-Wing Scenes in Star Wars IV Used WWII Footage

There were many problems when filming ‘Star Wars IV: A New Hope’. One of these was that ‘Red Squadron’ was originally ‘Blue Squadron’ but blue screen limitations led to this change. These problems led to delays. When things fell behind schedule, footage of World War II dogfights was used for the initial editing cuts to help get the schedule back on track.

4. Reconnaissance Was the Primary use of the X-Wing

Although X-Wing is an all-purpose star fighter, approximately 70% of the missions for which it was used were strategic reconnaissance exercises rather than battles. Its versatility was one of the predominant reasons for this as it could escape bigger vehicles, avoid detection, boasted excellent navigation and had heavy artillery and shielding.

5. There is Meaning Behind the X-Wing Pilots Insignia

The pilots of the X-Wings had an insignia on their fight gear and helmets. This was called the Alliance Starbird or The Phoenix. There is actually a meaning behind the symbol but is only throughout the continuity of the Star Wars Legends that fans find out this meaning. It is in honor of Galen Marek, one of Dart Vader’s former apprentices. Marek sacrificed himself and rebelled against Dark Vader in order to save three of the founders of The Alliance. Marek’s family crest was used to create the insignia. The Phoenix is also significant as it is representative of The Alliance burning down the Empire.


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