Five Things You Didn’t Know About “Real Estate Wars”

Spyro Kemble is the cigar smoking high stepper who stars in the newest Bravo TV reality show. “Real Estate Wars” made its debut on October 5 with its offerings of the multi-million dollar homes of Orange County. It’s interesting to find out what makes these homes so expensive, and luxury living is at the top of the list, but there’s a lot more to the show than looking at magnificent homes. The name says it all, and this is a cutthroat business. Here are five things that most people don’t know about the new show.

1. The brokers are more interested in selling a property than meeting client needs

John McMonigle admits that he views his job as helping his clients to “fall in love with the property, even if it’s not ideal.” This suggests that even if it isn’t the best possible choice, he is going to convince them that it is. This is where it pays to know up front that the real estate agent isn’t always going to represent the property in an unbiased manner. You are apt to be misled with a sugar coated glossing over of your legitimate concerns about the house. This often leads to buyers’ remorse after the deal has been struck.

2. The show could give high end real estate brokers and agents a bad rap

Not all real estate professionals are high pressure and many are sensitive to the needs and preferences of their buyers. Watching this new reality series could easily give viewers the wrong idea about all real estate agents and brokers, because of the cutthroat approach that is taken. There are already people who are downgrading the show because of these unscrupulous selling strategies and it isn’t a fair representation of all high end real estate pros in the business. The show could foster an intense distrust and it could be damaging to the careers of many honest professionals who actually do try to find the best options for their clients.

3. The show is more about professional rivalries

If you’re expecting to see multi-million dollar homes you won’t be disappointed, but the new reality show is also about the entertainment aspect. In fact, it focuses more on the rivalries that take place within high end real estate listings in the acquisition of contracts, and ultimately the sales. The two main characters ae John McMonigle and Jojo Romeo. They were once partners, but are now fierce rivals. They take potshots at one another throughout the show and this pulls the focus more towards their feuding and competition than on helping clients to find the perfect home.

4. Orange County homes create an image for the show

The homes that will be showcased create an image of wealth along with a skewed view of the mentality that goes along with achieving a mark of success. Not all rich people are hooked on a constant upgrade of bigger, better homes and cars, and younger women on their arms. Certainly this is applicable to a sector of the population, but not to all wealthy clients who are looking to upgrade. The show has the goal of creating a drama for the ratings though, and it will capitalize on this theme to pull viewers in and keep them enmeshed in the drama as it unfolds.

5. Some of the cast are making their bid to achieve fame and notoriety

If you’re expecting a cool show about real estate agents out to help clients find their dream homes, that’s not really what the show is about. A few of the cast members have begun preparations for achieving major success with the hope that they will become as famous as some of the other reality show stars. Kemble is 60 years old and was once a private trainer so he’s fairly fit. He receives Botox treatments and has invited a camera crew to join him at a session. He posts pictures of himself shirtless on instagram for publicity. The stars have indicated that they have a strong desire to become more well known through the listings that are shown on the series and they have the hope of becoming national celebrities. This tells us that the show is going to be more about the drama that gets them noticed than about the work and the clients.

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