Five Things You Didn’t Know about Imagine Dragons

Five Things You Didn’t Know about Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons are currently one of the hottest bands in the industry and have been cruising now for years. Their songs are always lively and can get a person up and wanting to move whenever they’re heard. Some folks have believed that the band hails from outside the US but he truth is that they’re hometown boys that come from Utah and Nevada for the most part and have stuck close to their stomping grounds for a good amount of time.

Their music is something else if you ever listen to it.

5. Their band name is an anagram.

The only trick is that the band members are the only ones that know what the anagram stands for. This has apparently been kind of a secret among the band, and it’s also driven people nuts trying to figure out what it is. Of course there’s also the theory that there is no anagram and this rumor was made up to confuse and frustrate people as a giant gag. If so that’s kind of, well, awesome.

4. Dan Reynolds and Andrew Tollman met at Brigham Young University.

They didn’t have to go too far and wide to pick up their original members but throughout the years a few of their band members decided to depart and go on to other ventures. To this date there are only four of them left in the band and that seems to be a fitting number since they’ve still got a great sound that is reliant upon their energy and the simplicity they bring to the stage.

3. Lou Diamond Phillips and Alexandra Daddario are featured in their video for Radioactive.

If you’ve ever watched the video they’re pretty easy to spot. Alexandra plays the protagonist that is there to bust the band out of their imprisonment while Phillips is the big boss that runs the fights between stuffed animals that usually results in one of the contestants getting ripped to pieces by his purple-furred champion. It’s kind of an odd video but it works with the song and it’s funny to watch.

2. They started a charity called the Tyler Robinson Foundation.

This charity was started to help young kids that are battle cancer and they played the first gala in Las Vegas. They’ve been a part of a few different charities throughout their career so far and have raised a good amount of money for each one that they’ve decided to join up with. It’s inspiring really to see major bands like this take on these causes as it shows that they do tend to care about something even if it’s just another chance for them to get out and do their thing.

1. They appeared on the first episode of the 2015 series of The Muppets.

The Imagine Dragons have thankfully joined a long line of celebrities that have made their way to the Muppet Show, which is an honor really that people don’t seem to take seriously any longer. It used to be if you were anyone you were on the Muppets, and even today that seems to be a big accomplishment thankfully.

I’m on top of the world, ‘ey, I’m on top of the world.

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