Five Things You Didn’t Know About Grant Gustin

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Grant Gustin

One of the most surprising and entertaining aspects of today’s film and television industry is the emergence of superhero productions. Between Marvel and DC, it seems that a new comic book movie or show is popping up every week. That being said, some shows are certainly more popular than others. One of the most successful comic book shows on television is The Flash. In addition to its highly popular source material and masterful production value, its cast deserves much of the credit for such success.

Taking the lead role in the series is Grant Gustin. The American actor has reached new heights of popularity with his portrayal of Barry Allen/The Flash. However, he is no stranger to the spotlight given his role in the wildly popular Glee. As more and more fans clamor to see Gustin on both television and film, there will certainly be questions about who the actor is as a person. In order to satiate some of these fans, here are five of the most interesting facts about Grant Gustin.

5. He is highly educated

Gustin has portrayed The Flash so adeptly that it may appear as though he was born for the role. However, his acting abilities are actually the product of both natural talent and a great deal of hard work. After attending the Governor’s School for the Arts in Norfolk, Gustin would go on to study Music Theater for two years at Elon University. In addition, he gained a great deal of experience through Hurrah Players Incorporated.

Naturally, Gustin’s performances are supposed to appear effortless. However, it is always interesting to realize just how much time and effort these actors have put into their craft.

4. Grant Gustin net worth

The rise of Marvel and DC as film and television powerhouses has been amazing to watch. Their productions are among the most popular on television today. As the star of The Flash, it is no surprise that Gustin has earned a respectable net worth. Current estimates have his personal wealth at roughly $2 million. Given that the show has been renewed for a fourth season, in addition to upcoming film projects that Gustin will participate in, it can be expected that his net worth will continue to increase.

3. He has famous friends

Not only has Gustin emerged as a veritable star in his own right, he is also close friends with other actors. In fact, he and actor Chris Wood have been friends since childhood. This is particularly interesting because Wood is also in a DC Comics production, appearing in Supergirl.

In addition to his close friendship with Wood, it seems that his fellow stars are very supportive of him. After his recent engagement to LA Thoma, many actors expressed their delight and congratulations online.

2. He does more than film and television 

While fans know Gustin best for his popular roles on television shows, he has also participated in theater productions. Impressively, he earned the role of Baby John in the national Broadway tour of West Side Story.

Interestingly, this role appeared to be instrumental in Gustin’s career. Although he had some minor roles prior to this tour, he clearly saw his potential after earning the part. In fact, he even left university early in order to tour with the show.

1. He is a trained dancer

Those who know Gustin only for his role as The Flash may be surprised to know that he is quite the musical talent as well. He began tap dancing at only 10 years of age, a skill he put to great use when he portrayed Sebastian Smythe on Glee. Interestingly, he initially auditioned for a small role as a tap dancer on the show. Luckily for him as well as his fans, he received a callback for the larger role that he ended up playing.

Final Thoughts

Of course, the best thing about today’s superhero television shows is the seemingly endless entertainment they offer fans. However, they also provide an opportunity for fans to get to know actors as they rise in popularity. This is especially beneficial when actors like Grant Gustin are concerned. Gustin is multi-talented, has put a great deal of time and effort into perfecting his craft, and seems to be held in high regard by those who have worked with him. Knowing how impressive he is in his personal life can make watching his performances that much better.

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