Five Things You Didn’t Know About Clare-Hope Ashitey

Netflix is continuing to add more and more original content to their streaming service, including tons of new shows about to hit the waves, such as “Seven Seconds”. This new series features a great cast with some new faces, including that of Clare Hope Ashitey. As we are looking more into this upcoming series, we are curious about Ashitey and her role she has had in the entertainment world — That’s why we are here. We are going to count down the top five things you might not know (and what you should know) about Clare Hope Ashitey before you see her in the new series “Seven Seconds”. Let’s get started.

She’s British

Ashitey was born and raised in Enfield, near London, England. She was born on February 12th of 1987, and she will be turning 31 years old in just a few short weeks.

Her Family Life

Clare Hope was born to her parents, Tina and Paul Ashitey, who are both originally from Ghana, Africa. Ashitey also has a couple siblings; She was raised with her older sister, whose name is Grace, and another older brother as well.

Her Schooling

Clare Hope was actually occupied with schooling for several years. She began by going to the Brimsdown Primary School, which is located in Brimsdown, Enfield. She then went on to the Latymer school where she studied there for seven years. During that time, she also attended classes at the Centre Stage School of Performing Arts in Southgate for her future career. Finally, she also graduated with a degree in Anthropology from the School of Oriental and African Studies back in 2009.

Her Acting Career Thus Far

Although her name might not be quite familiar to us here in the United States just yet, Clare Hope Ashitey has actually been in a handful of movies to begin her career. Her first film was released back in 2005, entitled “Shooting Dogs” (However, it was released as “Beyond The Gates” in the U.S.).

Familiar Works

Some of her movies and shows you might recognize have actually been released in more recent years. One of her first films was “Children of Men”, which was released back in 2006; During the production of the film, Clare Hope actually took a year off of her schooling in order to take part in it. She has also appeared in quite a few television shows, as we mentioned before. She appeared in “Master of None”, back in 2017, and she is now going to appear in a permanent role on the new Netflix series “Seven Seconds”.

As we anticipate the arrival of Netflix’s newest and most exciting original crime drama series, we can only wait and see the potential that Clare Hope Ashitey has in the entertainment world. “Seven Seconds” is scheduled to have its series premiere release on February 23rd of this year. We can’t wait to see all that is going to unfold in the acting career that is Clare Hope Ashitey, and we hope you have enjoyed our list of the top five things you need to know.

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