Five Things You Didn’t Know about Christina Wren

Some of the actors and actresses that are coming into the entertainment industry in the 21st Century are among the best we’ve ever seen. One of the women among their ranks is the beautiful Christina Wren. She is an actress and producer, and is most famous for her role as Major Carrie Farris in Man of Steel and Batman versus Superman: Dawn of Justice. This actress also recently became a new mother, posting a picture of her newborn son on the 17th of January. She has not shared what his name is with the public yet — but we’re betting it’s either Clark or Bruce.

Christina Wren is certainly among the most talented actresses of the modern day. However, she is more than just an actress. Wren has led an interesting life so far, and one that you should learn more about if you are a fan of her recent roles. Read on to learn about Five Things You Didn’t Know about Christina Wren.

She Has Her Own Jewelry Line

This actress has a penchant for handcrafted jewelry that not many people know about. Her Etsy store, Tea on Tuesdays, is filled with handmade, hand-beaded, necklaces and bracelets from all over the world. She likes to use antique beads and African trade beads, meaning that all of her pieces have a story.

She Co-Owns a Production Company

Christina Wren and her husband own the Two Kids with a Camera production company. They focus on giving screen-time to the underrepresented demographics of the country. However, they try to create grounded, engaging entertainment, ensuring that they have the largest possible audience to get their message across to.

She Got Discovered Through a Hummus Commercial

When Christina Wren finished filming a relatively-unknown indie film called Saudade?, she had the opportunity to film a hummus commercial for a struggling client. She very nearly missed her audition, but the cameraman was more than willing to give her a shot. She landed the gig, and was soon contacted by Zack Snyder of Warner Bros — and it wasn’t long afterwards that she landed her part in Man of Steel, which she reprised in Batman versus Superman.

She Loves Poetry

This young actress loves to read and write poetry. She has expressed that poetry is one of her favorite forms of art. She loves the flexibility of poetic words, as they can express many nuances of the human experience that cannot easily be expressed in other ways. She is also an avid participant in slam poetry, which she attributes a lot of her performing talent to.

She Would Love to Play Joan of Arc

When asked what role she would love to play, Wren responded that she would jump at a chance to play Joan of Arc. She cited the young heroine’s bravery, and the rare juxtaposition of a young, small female with the ability to lead and inspire thousands. She also would love to explore Joan of Arc’s spiritual and psychological relationships with herself and others. We would love to see Wren in this role — she’d probably knock it out of the park.

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