Five Shows to Watch if You Like Masters of Illusion

Five Shows to Watch if You Like Masters of Illusion

Five Shows to Watch if You Like Masters of Illusion

People love magic, they love illusions, and they love being fooled now and again into thinking it’s all real and that there’s some supernatural force that allows those they’re watching to do these things. Masters of Illusion is one of the many shows that allows those that have studied and practiced for years on end the art of illusion and how to basically fool people into thinking that the feats they perform are somehow real while reveling in the fact that those same people want to know what the trick is and how the gimmick works. Obviously most people won’t go into detail just how a trick works since it would ruin the whole act and make magic and illusions far too common and therefore kind of pointless. But for those that love to be amazed and spend hours wondering just how a trick was performed these shows are great since they offer so many skilled and talented individuals that have dedicated a good part of their lives to keeping the magic alive that it’s easy to see their importance if only due to the idea that they are in fact a part of what makes life interesting.

Here are five shows like Masters of Illusions that a person might enjoy.

5. Magic for Humans

When done on the stage magic is definitely impressive since it’s a show, a clever trick pulled on the eyes of the audience, but out among the people the difficulty level increases to such a degree that one has to be on top of their game in a way that stage magicians don’t always have to be. While it’s possible that things are scripted and set up there’s still the fact that a lot of people will want to believe everything is real. The task of a street magician, or illusionist, is to make the show as entertaining and as convincing as possible and this is what tends to happen in this program since without adding in some comedy it’s likely that some of the tricks might creep people out.

4. Penn & Teller: Fool Us

Impressing the average citizen when it comes to magic is hard enough at times since a lot of people are fairly cynical about what they can see when it comes to tricks. But impressing men like Penn & Teller, who are renowned magicians and showmen, is even more impressive since it means that the person has truly mastered their craft and has a trick that the two men have likely seen but are still impressed by when it comes to the overall execution and showmanship that’s displayed. This is also a great show since it depicts the idea that no matter how skilled a person is, there’s always bound to be someone that can come along and wow them.

3. Death By Magic

If anyone ever said that magic was completely safe then they were lying through their teeth or managed to develop a no-risk trick that didn’t push the limits or simply didn’t inspire a lot of people to believe in what they were doing. Obviously a person doesn’t have to risk their life to pull off a grand illusion, but in this show the danger level is apparently taken to a whole new level since the host and magician is willing to show just how it’s possible to escape some of the most dangerous scenarios that ended up killing the magicians that came up with them in the first place. It’s impressive, but like all the cynics out there I had to wonder if it’s entirely real, as it’s likely that the production crew would have stepped in at some point.

2. Criss Angel: Believe

Criss Angel is known for his theatrics as well as his illusionist capabilities, so it’s not too hard to imagine that anything you see him in is going to be big and in some ways a little confusing as to the visuals, despite being overall impressive and maybe even a little overwhelming. But people have come to love this individual in a big way since he is a showman, which is one of the skills that any illusionist worth their tricks is going to possess in order to be deemed as worth watching. Some his content might confuse people in a big way, but at the same time a lot of folks have looked beyond this and have had a good time with it.

1. Breaking the Magician’s Code: Magic’s Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed

This is the kind of show that could end up dividing a lot of people when it comes to the love they have for magic and illusions largely because it’s meant to show how it’s done and to kind of destroy the whole illusion. That being said a lot of people could possibly use this as a means of breaking into the magician’s art and finding out just how they can tweak a trick to their liking and make it even more unique.

Everything has to evolve after all, and sometimes breaking down elements of it to build them back up is the trick.

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