Five Restaurants That Exist Because The Movie Came First

Believe it or not the movies can be credited with creating something other than just entertaining stories. Some restaurants only exist because of the movies that created them. There are a lot of places in the movies that people wish existed but are usually just props for the films and couldn’t possibly be real. Some of them are cartoons and some of them just don’t seem feasible because they’re creations of the film characters and thus can’t possibly exist. Of course this would be news to those that have been so inspired by their favorite eatery or watering hole. At least one entry on this list was around before the movie that featured it came out, but at the very least the movie that took the name is a big part of why it became known.

Here are just a few places that were made famous by the movies they’re associated with.

5. Bistro Chez Remy-Ratatouille

Not to worry, this elegant restaurant won’t allow rats in the kitchen, but it will give you the experience from a rat’s point of view with dividing walls that are shaped like dishes and chairs that look as though they’re made out of bottlecaps. The umbrellas that are featured over some of the tables even have the distinctive look of cocktail umbrellas just to round out the experience.

4. Coyote Ugly-Coyote Ugly

So the bar did manage to come first but the popularity that ensued not long after the movie was released is hard to miss. Just like the iconic bar in the movie this place features dancing on the bar, bras hanging from the ceiling, and cheap drinks that can keep you guzzling until closing, or until you just can’t open your eyes to walk to the door. It’s a good time for everyone but chances are they won’t be allowed to pack the place as they did in the movie.

3. Krusty Burger-The Simpsons

This isn’t a joke, the iconic restaurant really does exist in Universal Studios in Orlando. You can get pretty much anything that’s on the menu in the movie but the chances are very good that everything here will be much better for you than anything The Simpsons had to offer. Most people would have to see this place to really believe that it exists.

2. Tony’s Town Square Restaurant

Much like the movie this spaghetti and meatball joint is as classic and authentic as it comes. It’s located in Disney World in Orlando and while you won’t catch any dogs running around the place you can see plenty of images of Lady and the Tramp around the restaurant which is to be expected. A lot of themed restaurants are understandably kept by those corporations that made them.

1. Bubba Gump Shrimp Company

This company was inspired by, obviously, Forrest Gump and to this day has over forty businesses throughout the world. The story of Bubba and Forrest was pretty touching in the movie and if someone had come across this business in such a fashion you can imagine that it would have been even more impressive. The fact is that the business’s parent company is Viacom, which owns Paramount Pictures, which is responsible for Forrest Gump.

These aren’t the only movie-inspired restaurants but they are the most noticeable.

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