Five Reasons Why it’s Time to Cancel Vanderpump Rules

Reality TV sells like hot cake in the US market. Reality shows like Keeping up With the Kardashians have been around for countless seasons because viewers find reality shows more believable and somehow relatable due to the drama involved. Sometimes these shows might be scripted to juice up the drama to get more viewers and the existing ones glued to their screens and talking about the show even after it’s over. The drama is so intense that these so-called reality television stars get hashtagged and trend on the various social media platforms. One of those shows that have served enough sauce over time is Vanderpump Rules and 7 seasons in, viewers now feel it might be time to call it quits on the popular Bravo reality show. VPR first aired on January 7th, 2013 and was a spinoff of another reality show the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

The show follows the daily lives of Lisa Vanderpump and some of the staff in her restaurant in West Hollywood California called SUR as they work on making a name for themselves and building a future while dealing with their personal issues. The main cast members of the show are Lisa Vanderpump herself, Tom Sandoval, Stassi Schroeder, Kristen Doute, Scheana Shay and Jax Taylor. The recurring guests are Tom Schwartz, Arianna Madix, Lala Kent, Brittany Cartwright, James Kennedy, and Brett Caprioni.

Why it might be time to close up shop for Vanderpump Rules:

1. Lisa Vanderpump is no longer on the show

The matriarch of the show Lisa Vanderpump has managed to expand her business ventures using the amount of popularity she got on the show. Vanderpump Rules was just a way for Lisa Vanderpump to get her various restaurants and business ventures noticed and pass them on to the many viewers on the show. The marketing gimmick worked and what started off as a small show that centered on the lives of staff from her restaurant SUR has grown to become a platform for the restaurateur to expand her empire. As such, the businesswoman has become very busy and stopped featuring on the show often and left the show to be run by the rowdy cast members that for some reason viewers have grown to love and hate in equal measure. While we are somehow mad about her obvious absence from her own show, we are grateful that the staff of SUR has provided us with the necessary entertainment to make our days.

2. The cast is older

If we are being honest most of us liked watching Vanderpump Rules because of its fresh young hip cast. They all had a story as to what got them there. The cast’s youth meant that they were capable of providing viewers with drama that only young people can give. Seven seasons later the cast is all grown up and they have seemingly outgrown their welcome on the reality show. Their drama is no longer relatable and most of them seem to be taking life too seriously to even care about providing entertainment. Some are thinking of getting engaged and settling down to get children. The entertainment that the cast would provide as parents wouldn’t be anywhere close to what they could have offered while they were young. The show’s producers tried bringing in some new cast members but that would not be enough and we also don’t expect the show’s cast to get old on the show. Soon enough the network would have to close the curtains on the show.

3. The cast is successful now

When the show began in 2013, the cast was young and struggling to break into the industry and trying to make it big, each one had a reason to be on the show. Some wanted to be musicians while others aspired to be actors and models. This kind of fire is what had viewers waiting for new episodes on end. Seeing the members of the show working and doing whatever it took to achieve their goals made for good television. However as the show gained popularity, so did the cast. Their social media following blasted through the roof and the more the show was on air, the wealthier the cast became. We don’t know about you but each one of them having recently moved into mansions worth no less than $2 million doesn’t seem like struggling.

4. The cast has no time to be on the show anymore

Having amassed such huge followings and wealth, the cast has seen themselves expanding out of their own reach and moving on from working at SUR. The producers attempts to try and convince viewers that the cast still works at SUR is nothing but a ruse. According to Insider, Jax Taylor stated in a Reddit interview that the cast is too busy and only pop into SUR whenever they have time. Scheanna Shay said that to continue with the show’s theme, the cast has to occasionally work at SUR.

5. The drama has just died down

The cast has grown all up and seemingly made it big, the drama is no longer juicy as most if not all the contestants seem to be too busy and settled down to even care about the show. The cast members now earn according to The Cut, at least $15000 an episode. Most of the recent seasons have seen producers of the show manufacturing and staging dramatic displays and focusing on some of the cast’s negative behaviors since there’s nothing to ride on.


Vanderpump Rules might have made sense in the earlier seasons but watching it now seems too awkward. The cast doesn’t have the same enthusiasm as they did when they were young and the fun they enjoyed seems to have died down naturally. Bravo had a wonderful run with the show but it might be time to cancel the show before it becomes irrelevant. It would suit the network and the cast to leave while still on a higher note so that they can ride on the show’s wave longer.

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