Five Predictions We’re Making for ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 11

Five Predictions We’re Making for ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 11

Five Predictions We’re Making for ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 11

The endgame is here for The Walking Dead, almost. Come August 22nd we’re going to see the final season of the show that’s kicked off a couple of spinoffs and a movie that’s still being waited on since it’s a big hope that we’ll see the guy that was the face of the show for a long time, Rick Grimes. There are a few loose ends to tie up though, and it’s easy to think that a lot of us think we know what’s coming from the trailer, but it’s also easy to think that we won’t really know what to expect until it’s finally on the air. The thing about TWD is that it’s deviated so far from the comic books that have inspired the show that trying to sort out who’s going to die next, who’s going to survive, and who will menace the survivors next is up in the air most times, and with good reason. 

Here are just a few predictions we have when it comes to The Walking Dead season 11. 

5. Maggie will kill Negan or leave him for dead. 

Out of everything that’s been changed from the comics, Glenn’s death wasn’t one of those that managed to get cut, since the tragedy and gravitas that his death brought to the show was so tremendous that people were wondering if they’d seen it a couple of times before it finally happened. Out of all the tragic and unwanted deaths in the show, Glenn’s was one that absolutely tore people apart, so it’s not hard to think that Maggie will either kill Negan finally or simply leave him when he’s down and let the dead have him. There is another theory that some have come up with though, that Negan will do the right thing and sacrifice himself for Maggie. 

4. Gabriel will be taken out. 

Gabriel’s arc feels like it’s been all over the place for a long time now since he didn’t start out as a great character, and his mental and spiritual decline has been an up and down rollercoaster for a while now. But it does feel as though he’s gone a little too close to the dark side for anyone’s liking, and a such it’s only fair to think that he might actually need to be dealt with eventually. There could be a tipping point that makes him really lose it, but once that happens, or before it does, it’s just a matter of who is going to be the one to perform the mercy kill that will put this guy out of his, and everyone else’s misery. 

3. Rosita and Coco won’t survive.

This would be a dark road to go down really since the fact that killing a kid is undeniably wrong on many levels has registered with a lot of people. But it wouldn’t be the first time that kids were used in this manner, and one has to remember that no one is really safe on this show. Even Rosita, with all she’s been through and everything she’s had to do over the years, isn’t immune to being taken out before the finale comes around. It’s not something that a lot of people want to see since she’s been such an awesome character for so long. But it’s something that people might want to get ready for anyway. 

2. Judith will live. 

Judith definitely feels like someone that could tell the story of those that survived, and it also feels as though she’s simply meant to go on, a stunning mix of the parents she’s known and the one she never did. She won’t just carry the legacy of her father, brother, and adopted mother Michonne, she’ll carry the story of everyone that helped to ensure her survival, since one thing that anyone has to remember about Judith is that she’s a tough kid, and she wasn’t made that way just because she had to be. She had a lot of great teachers, and as she progresses she could become one of the toughest of the bunch. 

1. Rick will return and tie the entire story together. 

Maybe this won’t happen until the finale, but it would be interesting to see Rick come back all the same since it would be a nice way to end things off before the movie comes around, and it would almost be like a reward to the fans for sticking around for so long. One has to admit that TWD has been less than stellar for a while, and bringing one of the key characters back into the mix at this point, even if it’s just a cameo at the end, would be perfect, since it would give a bit of promise for the movie to come, and it would be a nice way of saying thank you to the fans. 

We’ll just wait and see what happens. 

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