Five of the Most Hateable Guys on Television


A while back I wrote a post about dislikable characters on TV, and it was a bit strange to see that nearly all of them were women. I didn’t do that on purpose, it’s just that those were who came to mind immediately. But if I spent more time to think, I knew I could come up with a list of guys that were equally if not more so hateable. Turns out I was write, and the below list was born. Some you’re supposed to hate, others not so much, but all are pretty irritating or rage-inducing in one form of another. Check out the list below:

Pete (Mad Men)


Don is doing his best to became an expletive to the nth degree this season, but he’ll never catch Pete. I LOVE Vincent Kartheiser’s performance here, don’t get me, wrong, it’s just that the character makes you want to constantly hit him. When he was actually punched last season by lane, that was one of the best moments of the entire series. This week, he showed he stunk by A) refusing to take care of his mother and B) forcing a secretary to give up a seat for him while another guy offered his own chair for her. And then of course he cheated on Allison Brie, which is simply unforgiveable, and it’s cost him a ton of business at the company.

Ted (How I Met Your Mother)


I’m not a lifetime devotee of How I Met Your Mother like some, but I’ve watched enough episodes to know that Ted is one of the irritating characters on TV. He’s supposed to be the lead yet is insecure, whiny and all around a pain to deal with nearly every time he’s onscreen. For as much as we all love Barney, that’s how much most of us hate Ted. I know you want to make your lead flawed, but I think they went too far with Ted and his character is simply beyond redemption.

Walter Jr. (Breaking Bad)

walter jr

This entry may surprise you, but let me at least explain my positioning here. Breaking Bad is masterpiece in many ways, and has created a phenomenal cast of characters, almost all of which are some of the best on television. But then there’s Walter Jr, who does almost nothing and seems so, so out of place on this show. Can you name any memorable Walter Jr. moments on Breaking Bad? Well, there was that one (or a dozen) times he talked about breakfast. That time he changed his name because he was mad. And then the two times his father bought him a Dodge Challengers. Walt’s kid needed to be a more integral part of the show, but Walt Jr. has always been just so useless.

Quinn (Dexter)


Quinn was original brought on years ago on Dexter to replace a deceased Doakes, but has turned into one of the most pointless characters on the show. He dated Deb, which was a meh subplot in itself, then finally got interesting as he got closer to Dexter’s secret. But then he let that go, and hasn’t gone near it ever since, not even when LaGuerta herself was investigating Dexter. He spent last season in THE most useless subplot in Dexter history with Russian mobs and strippers, and is constantly disconnected with anything happening in the central storyline. I’m tired of it, and of him.

??? (Game of Thrones)


Joffrey who? The new hateable character in Game of Thrones is none other than a mystery man who spends each week thinking up new a horrible ways to torture Theon. Theon himself might have actually made this list last year with his betrayal of Winterfell, but he looks like a cute puppy compared to this sadistic guy who doesn’t even yet have a name. You just don’t cut a man’s penis off. You just don’t do that. Book readers know who he is, and know that he only gets worse from here.


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