Five Movies You Should Watch if You Liked Marriage Story

Marriage Story

Marriage Story is kind of run of the mill from a certain point of view but it’s also a very realistic story for some people that have been through such a situation in their lives. In the latter case it’s something that a lot of folks have experienced and can attest to as far as a divorce being a messy and very emotional roller coaster that far too often doesn’t pan out for a lot of those involved, particularly the children that are caught in the middle. Adults tend to say things, do things, and act in ways that confuse children and make them think that everything is their fault, but every now and again people come to their senses and realize that they’ve fallen out love with one another and it’s time to move on in as amicable a fashion as possible in order to keep their children from shouldering any of the blame for their decision to split. There are a lot of movies out there that share various elements with this movie, which is why I bothered to call it run of the mill, but there are only a certain number that you might like if you enjoyed this Netflix production.

Here are just a few of the movies you might enjoy if you liked Marriage Story.

5. Lost in Translation

Despite also starring Scarlett Johansson, this movie is about those suffering through doubts that their marriage is going in the direction they want or can sustain since something just doesn’t feel right and it’s almost as though they’ve come to a crossroads where a choice has to be made. Whether Bob and Charlotte made the right decisions at the end of the movie or not, it’s easy to see that having someone to talk to during such moments of doubt can be a huge boon to those that need someone that isn’t involved with their life and their issues to offer something that a spouse simply can’t at that moment.

4. Split

Too often a divorce is devastating when kids are involved in the picture as they tend to feel that they did something wrong, that mommy and daddy might love them a little less since they’re splitting up, and that their world is going to change in a big way. Some kids become emotional and depressed, some learn how to manipulate their parents for their own ends, and some just drift away if the issues aren’t resolved. In a big way this documentary is a way to say ‘it’s okay, nothing is your fault’ among many other things since in the true sense of it, a divorce rarely has anything to do with a couple’s kids as it has more to do with their feelings towards one another.

3. The Squid and the Whale

This is even more commentary on how a divorce affects the kids in a family since Walt and Frank both develop massive issues that need to be resolved at some point and end up causing Walt to realize that he’s becoming more and more like his father, which isn’t a good thing to be fair. But as the realization hits it also begins to drive a wedge between father and son as by the end of the movie it’s kind of up in the air as to whether the two brothers will ever look at their father the same again as they’ve come to realize what he’s like and that the split from their mother was perhaps a very positive occurrence.

2. The Notebook

If there’s anything to be said about this movie it’s that it is hopelessly romantic and yet frustrating at the same time since the two individuals serving the lead positions love each other and yet quarrel like cats and dogs for a good part of it. One of the messages of course is a lasting and very patient type of love that transcends time and a great deal of barriers that are put in place to keep the two lovers from ever getting together. But it’s kind of funny to think that Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams couldn’t stand each other on set, especially when one sees just how close they to be with each other most times.

1. The Ugly Truth

This is just a funny movie that people might enjoy since there’s just enough romance in it, after getting through the playful ‘you disgust me but you intrigue me’ routine. Men and women have been trying to figure each other out for longer than anyone can remember and a lot of people think they’ve cracked the code, only to realize that much like the future, the love game changes every time someone thinks they’ve got it figured out. What this means of course is that anyone who happens to think that they’ve got a handle on what it takes to understand women, or men, is in for a very rude awakening.

Relationships are hard, ’nuff said.

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