Five Movies That Truly Capture the City of Paris

Paris is considered a kind of magical place that like so many other cities in the world lends itself willingly to movies in an effort to convey the feel, sight, and sound that make it so great. While many of us might never see the city in our lives we can at least experience it in cinema and perhaps dream of a day when we might finally reach the delightful sights that are there to be offered and to be fully enjoyed. In movies it is seen in many lights, but almost always it is seen as a city of wonder.

There’s nothing quite like it really.

5. Hugo

After losing his father and living in a clock tower with his guardian for so long Hugo has come to be rather leery of people and tends to keep mostly to himself. This changes when he meets a young girl about his age that sparks at least a bit of confidence in him that allows Hugo to come out of his shell a bit more. When they begin to develop a strong friendship life becomes even more interesting as events continue to unfold.

4. An American Werewolf in Paris

A trip to Paris to take on one of the most death-defying stunts of his life ends up with Andy meeting the woman of his dreams. Unfortunately what he doesn’t know about her is that she has a bit of a colored past and is anything but the docile individual he rescues when he jumps from the Eiffel Tower to save her. Upon waking up after colliding with a heavy steel beam during his rescue attempt he seeks her out, and finds a lot more than he bargained for.

3. The DaVinci Code

Anytime something threatens religion it becomes a humongous deal and a bigger controversy than many people want to deal with. In the movie the idea that something exists that could rock Christianity to its very foundations becomes the reason behind murder, deceit, and lies so grand that they could easily reconfigure the manner of belief that millions upon millions of people have held onto for so long.

2. Eurotrip

This is kind of a funny detour since the movie goes all over the place but does stop off in Paris for a short period. It’s here that Scotty decides to work his mojo at being a street performer, mostly to annoy his friend Coop. When another performer takes offense to this however they get into a ‘robot fight’ as they both stay in character at least up until the harsh cup check that Scotty gives to the silver-clad Andy Dick. What an unfortunate name to have at that moment.

1. Ratatouille 

The underlying message of this movie is kind of hidden away by the fact that a rat is the head chef in charge of making certain that Gusteau’s doesn’t lose another star and become one of the worst restaurants in Paris. Throughout the movie though the message does come to the forefront again and again, showing that anyone can do anything if they put their mind to it.

Ah, Paris.

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