Five Movie Soundtracks That Contained Secrets You May have Missed

Five Movie Soundtracks That Contained Secrets You May have Missed

Five Movie Soundtracks That Contained Secrets You May have Missed

Directors aren’t the only ones that like to hide things in a movie. Composers can be just as tricky and there are a number of movie scores and soundtracks that hide away pertinent information about the movie if you know how to look. These secrets tend to be hidden in plain sight where most people wouldn’t even think of searching, mostly because they don’t want to split their attention between the secret and the movie for fear that one or the other might be ruined by the lack of attention. But after you watch these films go on back and take a good look and listen to what you learn in this article. You might be kind of surprised.

5. Star Wars: The Phantom Menace

The triumphant sound of victory that comes after the battle of Naboo is highly entertaining despite the fact that Lucas was lambasted over the prequels and how they seemingly didn’t contribute anything to the original story. Despite the fact that many people need to chill out on this the interesting thing is that this bit of music is actually quite similar to that of the music used to introduce the Emperor in the later films.

4. Get Out

The movie itself is highly disturbing but when you really listen to the soundtrack you can make out the fact that the music is comprised of the voices of ghostly slaves that are warning the young man that plays the lead to get out. Obviously he doesn’t hear this or doesn’t heed it in any way but does anyone in a horror movie ever make the sensible move?

3. Friday the 13th

There’s been a huge debate over the years over what the half-formed words introduced into the soundtrack are saying. Some figure they say cha cha cha, others think it’s kill kill kill die die die. At least the latter is half right. What the words are actually saying is ki ki ki ma ma ma, which alludes to the fact that Jason’s mother is the one doing the killing at the supposed behest of her son.

2. The Dark Knight Rises

The voices chanting for Bruce Wayne to “rise” are using a language that the composer purposefully didn’t want to identify, but that’s not the main secret. Instead of just using the actors on set and magnifying the sound a few dozen times, Batman fans were encouraged to send in audio clips of them chanting the needed words so that the effect would be even greater.

1. O Brother Where Art Thou?

So many people seem to forget that this movie was based, loosely, on Homer’s The Odyssey. As such a lot of the songs have some deeper meaning to them than just sounding pretty and fitting in at that particular moment. This scene for example emulates the sirens in the story attempting to lure the wayward travelers onto the rocks by singing to them in a lulling, hauntingly beautiful manner. Obviously it worked in this version.

A lot of movies tend to do this. Can you think of a few?


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