Five Heroes the Justice League Sequel Needs To Include

Five Heroes the Justice League Sequel Needs To Include

Ever since the Justice League movie was released in 2017, fans have been rather anxious to hear news about a sequel. Unfortunately, it seems that news has been rather cryptic, with no apparent plans on a sequel being made anytime soon. This is understandably so, due to the film’s mixed reception and disappointing box office performance, prompting Warner Brothers to rethink their strategy on how to continue their DC Extended Universe. Any current news on the supposed sequel has still been inconsistent, but that doesn’t mean Warner Brothers has abandoned their plan for one. For all we know, a sequel to Justice League could be announced very soon, but with Warner Brothers confirming that they wish to focus on more standalone films, it’s obvious that a sequel to Justice League won’t hit theaters in the near future. That being said, a sequel will most likely come in the future, because Justice League is their number one superhero team and ignoring them would simply be mind-boggling. Now that Warner Brothers’ focus is primarily on standalone films, we can expect several different heroes from the comics to make an appearance in the next Justice League movie. This gives them the chance to flush out the world they are trying to build and develop more characters that can possibly join the Justice League in future sequels. Here are five heroes the Justice League sequel needs to include.

5. Catwoman

Yes, Catwoman has always staggered between the line of hero and villain, but when she decides to fight alongside the heroes, she proves to be most valuable. As a professional thief and the on and off lover of Batman, Catwoman has often been portrayed as an unpredictable character at best. So why should she be included in the Justice League sequel? The best answer would probably be because of her history as a character that can surprise anyone at any moment. She can never be main antagonist material, but a character that works with the main antagonist? That’s a role that she has always played in pretty much every adaptation she has appeared in; the seemingly self-serving hired help that will eventually help the hero when push comes to shove. She always excelled in that role, which is why her role in a Justice League sequel would be fun to watch. She is the reluctant anti-hero that works for the bad guy out of coercion or greed, then later turns on them to help fight alongside the Justice League, all while building her difficult relationship with Batman in the process. Whether or not Ben Affleck reprises his role as Batman in future sequels, Catwoman’s role would be no different, as she is the perfect candidate for a villain-turned-hero character that can fight for the side of good with the Justice League. Anyone else have Olivia Wilde in mind?

4. Green Arrow

With Ben Affleck seemingly departing from the role of Batman, it’s pretty hard not to think who would fill in the caped crusader’s shoes as the non-superpowered hero member of the Justice League. There are several candidates that would fit the bill, but the most logical one would have to be Oliver Queen, better known as the Green Arrow. He is very similar to Batman in almost every way, most notably his status as a billionaire/vigilante, and being a superhero that has no powers and relies mostly on weapons and gadgets. While Batman has a rather rough approach to leadership, Green Arrow is more optimistic and light-hearted, giving him a significant edge as the moral support member of the League. If Warner Brothers does decide to make a Justice League sequel without Batman, having Green Arrow on the team would compensate for his absence, not only because he is another hero without powers, but because he is a more positive mirror version of Batman that would serve as a moral compass for the Justice League. Let’s hope those Charlie Hunnam casting rumors are true.

3. Shazam

Now here is a hero that has already made his debut in the DC extended universe. The child hero known as Shazam had his first movie released in April and the portrayal was exactly what fans expected it to be. As a superhero who is secretly a young teenager, Shazam is nearly on Superman’s level, only with the mind of a naïve, playful child with little to no experience as a superhero. This would make him a great addition to a Justice League sequel, as he can keep his true identity a secret to the League, while trying to prove his worth to them. Since he is indeed a child, it is most likely he will gush like a true fanboy while being in the presence of the League, a sight that would be very fitting, not to mention fun, to see. Justice League members such as Wonder Woman would serve as a great mentor to Shazam, while members like Cyborg and Flash would be good supportive friends, given the fact that they are young heroes themselves. That team chemistry alone would be the best reason to have Shazam included into the Justice League sequels, giving him a chance to mature as a person and learn more about being a hero. There is also the inevitable showdown between him and Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam, something that a Justice League sequel can portray.

2. Green Lantern

When the Justice League movie was announced, fans were understandably disappointed that our favorite Green Lantern, Hal Jordan, was not going to be part of the team. Warner Brothers revealed that a Green Lantern Corps movie would be the character’s debut, only that movie has been delayed with no confirmed release date. Since Hal Jordan was a founding member of the Justice League, it would have made more sense if he was included in the Justice League movie, but then again, having his own movie first does create the chance to have him be more developed before sticking him with the League. Besides the fact that he is a founding member of the League, having Green Lantern in a sequel would expand the DC Extend Universe on a literal galactic scale. Most of Green Lanterns storylines take place in outer space and when it comes to DC, space is where many different kinds of characters exist. Whether they are friend or foe, Green Lantern’s inclusion to the League would open the door to many types of characters that can interact with our heroes, creating many storylines to be exploited. On top of everything else, it can help us further rid our memories of the 2011 movie. We want our Green Lantern to look real and not animated.

1. Martian Manhunter

Is there really a better candidate? Martian Manhunter is a founding member of the Justice League and can do almost everything Superman can do, in addition to his shapeshifting and telepathic abilities. Due to the reports that Henry Cavill is out as Superman, it seems pretty strange having a DC Extended Universe without Superman, but if any character were to take his place, Martian Manhunter would be the top choice. Much like Green Lantern, Manhunter’s inclusion would open the door to more characters from outer space, giving the League a chance to interact with more alien-type characters such as the White Martians or even Manhunter’s archenemy/brother, Ma’alefa’ak. He is also shown to be among the wisest and most morally superior of the League, making him suitable for a mentor as well as a fighter. If there is no Superman, then there has to be a Martian Manhunter, since there aren’t too many other heroes in DC that can rival Superman’s power. Not only that, but just imagine how cool he would look on the big screen. He’s a green humanoid alien that has godlike power, and if this isn’t good enough for him to be included in a Justice League sequel, then I don’t know what is.

Final Thoughts

The future of the Justice League sequels remains a mystery, but we can still speculate on which heroes can join the team for future sequels. There are far more to consider, but these five heroes would make a super fine addition that would be crazy to ignore. Let’s hope that Warner Brothers is considering these heroes and others as well to join the team sooner than later, but only time will tell. What heroes do you think should be included?

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