Five of the Funniest “Discovering Tattoo” Moments in Movies

Five of the Funniest “Discovering Tattoo” Moments in Movies

Five of the Funniest “Discovering Tattoo” Moments in Movies

Now to be honest a lot of tattoo parlors won’t touch you if you’re drunk. Not an armband, not a tramp stamp, not even a hello kitty on your butt cheek. But there are some that for the right price will likely scar you up pretty nice with color, designs, and anything you might desire when you’re that stinking drunk. Let’s face it, the only way you’re getting a tattoo without remembering is when you’re so plastered that you can barely remember your own name. Any other way and you’re going to remember some guy jabbing you with a needle a thousand times as he inks in something that’s going to last you for the rest of your life. In movies it’s a lot more feasible to just wake up one day and realize you’ve got a tattoo. But in some cases it’s still kind of hard to imagine how such a thing could happen.

Here are some “What the?” moments in movies concerning tattoos.

5. Kingpin – Ishmael’s tattoo

The funny thing is that Ishmael is more concerned about the tattoo on his front, which is about the size of a quarter, rather than the big-chested woman on his back that must have stung like crazy. Imagine someone jabbing you in the spine over and over as they first did the outline and then the color? Ishmael must have been more than just three sheets to the wind that night.

4. Dude Where’s My Car? – Dude, Sweet

Don’t ask your idiot friend what your tattoo says unless it’s something they can actually explain without just using a word that they use over and over. This gag got old about three seconds into it and they just KEPT GOING. Both actors are great in their roles, but it was time to move on from this gag a little earlier so that they could get to more of the film.

3. Scary Movie 2-Ray, F-ed Me

Here’s a good lesson, don’t go out drinking and then get a tattoo with friends that you know like to mess with you. Plus, if you’re going to defy conventional wisdom and do it anyway, get some new friends. Seriously, you really don’t need a tag like this on your upper back for the world to see and ask questions about. You probably won’t be able to come up with a suitable answer.

2. Memento-Various

Leonard wakes up every few seconds to every few minutes and forgets what just happened. If he goes to sleep he’s really messed up since the inability to create any new memories is a burden to bear that no one would want. Plus, whenever his brain resets he has to go over everything again from scratch and keep it all in mind or he’ll lose it again and have to wonder just what’s going on, again.

1. The Hangover 2-Mike Tyson tattoo

You’d either have to have a seriously high pain tolerance, which Stu doesn’t have, or be wasted to the gills, which he probably was, to get a face tattoo and not remember it the morning after. Of course Rohypnol would help, right up until you woke up and started poking at the new ink on your face to find out that yes, it hurts, and yes, it is very, VERY real.

“Finding” tattoos on your body can mean that you had one great night or one seriously messed up one. I guess it all depends on the tattoo.


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