Five Easter Eggs That Fans Missed from The Umbrella Academy

Five Easter Eggs That Fans Missed from The Umbrella Academy

Five Easter Eggs That Fans Missed from The Umbrella Academy

There are likely a lot of people that are coming to know of The Umbrella Academy for the first time ever and therefore have no idea just what to make of some of the Easter eggs that are being flung around, if they even know they’re Easter eggs to begin with. After all it’s kind of hard to know what information is supposed to be there and what isn’t if you have no real basis when it comes to the show in question. But for those that do know what’s going on and have been enjoying the show so far it’s no doubt kind of interesting to see what the director is throwing in and what might be kept out of the spotlight or even the background. Many shows and movies have been notorious for this throughout the course of the past decade or so, and it’s become an interesting time for many fans to see just how many Easter eggs they can find.

Here are just a few so far that fans might take note, and newcomers should possibly pay attention to.

5. The newspaper clipping from the Eiffel Tower

This one is pretty obvious for fans but not for newcomers since the whole idea of showing this framed clipping is to remind people of the time when the Umbrella Academy had to shut down the machinations of Gustave Eiffel, who created his famed tower with less than honorable motives in mind and had to be stopped. It’s one of those fairly innocuous things that you might notice if you’re really looking but wouldn’t know to look for if you’re not a longtime fan of the series. That being said, after reading these you might want to go back and watch again to get a better sense of what you’re seeing.

4. Pogo

This is pretty straightforward as Hargreeves was the one that helped Pogo to become who and what he is, as well as all other chimps. But once again, while fans will understand it, newcomers will be lost most likely and possibly feel as though they should be able to understand but will fail to do so. For the most part it’s almost like a Planet of the Apes moment without the uprising as it seems that someone stepped in and spoke for the humans and brokered a peace between the species. That being said, it’s kind of the opposite of what might have happened in such a situation.

3. Diego “The Kraken” Hargreeves

This is more or less an allusion to a character that might have been more impressive if there was a more aquatic lean to the series. In the comics the code names were kind of given up on after a while, but it would seem that the series wanted to remind people of this in part. Kraken was a way to describe the young man that could hold his breath underwater for any period of time, thereby earning him this strange but impressive title. In terms of the series though some people feel that he could have just sat this one out and it would have been just as acceptable.

2. The red gas masks

To be honest wearing anything red in a series or in a movie is sometimes a way to mark just who isn’t going to last. Unless it’s one of the main characters wearing red you can almost be sure that those donning crimson are going to be meeting their maker at some point. It’s kind of a gag that’s been run for a while now as it used to be a big deal in Star Trek. Remember those days? Those with the red shirts would be the first to die in any engagement and for the dumbest of reasons. Red just doesn’t seem to be a lucky color when you’re a character in any series, unless you’re one of the primary characters of someone of importance.

1. The female stalker

The woman approaching those that attend the Umbrella Academy is kind of a hard character to understand since few people really know where the show is going with her or why. All they do know is that her motives can’t possibly be good or even that simple as she seems rather ominous and might very well turn out to be someone that the students might have to deal with at a later date. The fact that she’s been showing up at different moments in time is kind of problematic since it means she’s patient, perhaps dangerously so.

There’s no doubt that the Easter eggs are going to keep coming since the speculations they force upon people and the rumors they start are part of what keeps a show alive and makes people want to keep watching. Now that people know about a few of them it might be time to go back and review a bit.

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