Five Big Movie Roles That Were Given Purely Because of Nepotism

Just in case you were blanking on what nepotism is, it’s the practice of favoring a relative or friend by giving them a job, even if they’re not at all qualified for the position. In Hollywood, one would think this would be one of the worst ideas possible, but then one might forget that Hollywood is just one more location where bad ideas are made on a rather constant basis. Quite honestly there are plenty of individuals in Hollywood that have benefited due to nepotism in some way, but while some folks have gone on to make it work for them and make it clear that they also deserve the fame, there are some that really did not or do not deserve the roles they’ve been given largely because they’re not that good. Some people might want to argue the point, but there are moments when it has to be observed that some actors really didn’t do much to deserve their roles and as a result, they ended up really stinking up the joint. Somehow though, they were kept, and it makes a clear point that Hollywood is willing to cover up just about anything when it comes to various mistakes and seriously poor decisions.

Here are a few actors that might not have had a place in Hollywood if not for nepotism.

5. Rumer Willis – Now and Then

Do you even know who Rumer Willis is, or do you just recognize her last name and go with it? Seriously, right now it feels as though this woman hasn’t done much because she really hasn’t, and watching her, some would think that she can act while others might wonder just how much her famous parents are propping her up. There a lot of actors that also have willing sycophants that are bound to tell them that they’re doing fine when they’re not all that great. So long as the yes-men can ride the coattails of the stars that keep them around though, one can imagine that we’ll keep seeing said stars and their ‘supportive’ friends tooling around.

4. Jaden Smith – The Karate Kid

A lot of people won’t fault Will Smith for helping his kid out since it was believed at one point that Jaden might actually become someone famous like his father. Well, he has kind of, and some even think that he’s surpassed his father, but it’s hard to see how. Will Smith has more charisma in a single look than Jaden has been able to produce in a few movies, and in truth, the only movie he did that well in was the remake of The Karate Kid, which took place in China. Let that one sink in, he made a reboot of a movie that originated in a different country.

3. Sofia Coppola – The Godfather Part III

It’s pretty easy to score a job in one of the most popular trilogies when your father is the director obviously, and even after stinking up the joint in the third Godfather movie, Sofia Coppola is still a name that people embrace today. Why this is so could be that she finally started making contributions to show business that made sense, considering that her role in the third movie wasn’t really that great. Typically I don’t like to rag on actors in such a manner, but she didn’t make a lot of sense in this movie and her acting was downright horrible compared to the rest of the cast. But hey, she’s the director’s daughter.

2. Tori Spelling – Scary Movie 2

This is probably one of the biggest cases of nepotism ever to hit Hollywood since Tori Spelling CAN’T ACT, no matter who wants to argue the point. The woman can’t even act in her own reality show, which should tell people a lot about her since if one can’t just be themselves in a reality show then it’s a good indication that she’s been fooling people for a long time now or the fact that she’s Aaron Spelling’s daughter has meant more to Hollywood than anyone else. Why people continue to support those such as Spelling, who get into show business based on their name and little to no talent, is amazing.

1. David Arquette – Never Been Kissed

There would likely be a lot of argument as to the acting ability of David Arquette since, to be honest, a lot of his roles appear to be close to the same since he’s almost always a bit of a goof and the guy that never really takes that much seriously. The fact that his family has a legacy in show business is about the only reason, apart from his antics, that managed to get him noticed. Why he’s been kept around so long isn’t hard to figure, but it’s still amazing at times.

The days of merit and actual talent aren’t dead, but it’s definitely harder when people keep promoting their kids whether they have talent or not.

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