Five Awesome Movies Shot in the Dominican Republic

Fast and Furious Dominican

The Dominican Republic is one of many areas in the world that tends to thrive on tourism since it’s a beautiful and very vacation-friendly place, so it’s a bit disconcerting when writers like Doug Criss of CNN and many others take up the call to remind people that American citizens have been dying recently upon visiting this part of the world. Thus far no one is saying that the deaths are all connected but the frequency with which it’s happened in the past year has a lot of people worried. Hopefully this won’t be too much of a stain on the reputation of the place since quite honestly it might survive without tourism, but if people are afraid to go there it could do more than just affect the tourist trade since more than a few big-name movies have been made there as well and if that dries up it seems as though the Dominican Republic might be forced to find another source of revenue to keep things moving forward.

Here are a few of the best movies that were filmed in the Dominican Republic.

5. Tropico De Sangre

Death seems to be a way of life at times in certain areas of the world but it tends to spur revolution in a big way. Based on a true story, this movie details the suffering that the people of Trujillo suffered under until someone decided to stand up and assassinate those that were trying to make a change. This in turn spurred on those that would see their leader assassinated, which happened in turn, only for the assassin to be killed not long after. You can see how the image of death in this manner might be attributed to an entire country, when in truth it is the actions of humanity that make such things seen as a necessity.

4. The Butcher’s Son

Some might get down on this movie since it is a rather well-used plot to send someone in as a man that had to watch his family being murdered only to come back as an adult with vengeance on their mind but also a conscience that keeps them from going berserk. That being said the other quirk this hitman has is that he’s also a vegetarian since the slaughtering of pigs turned him from the idea of eating meat, which seems to be an amusing quirk for any character in a movie such as this. But in terms of providing a detailed and original plot there’s just enough to state that it is it’s own movie and not a mock-up of any other.

3. Sugar

It’s not what you expect to hear, but sometimes the majors aren’t where the best dreams come true since some folks do manage to make it there only to find that the pressure doesn’t ease up just because you’ve reached the peak. If anything it only gets harder since every last thing you do is put under a microscope so that people can figure out how you can be better. Miguel unfortunately has too big of a mountain to climb once he gets to where he wanted to be and eventually finds out that he loves the game but not the pressure that leaves him feeling isolated and alone. Once he finds a place to play and a life that’s his he starts to calm down and experience things the way he wants to.

2. 47 Meters Down

Somehow the idea of going down into the water, the SHARK-infested water no less, in a rickety, rusted iron cage should be a huge red flag to anyone. But of course this being a movie the lead characters are bound to say ‘what the hell’ and do it anyway. Once they do this however it doesn’t take too long to realize it was a bad idea when the wince suddenly gives out and drops them 47 meters to the ocean floor, where the sharks have decided to congregate. Getting out might have been a possibility had the area been clear and no sharks the size of trucks been around, but considering how fast a shark can move in the water and how vicious they can be this was a very ill-advised activity to try and enjoy.

1. Fast & Furious

After the two preceding movies it almost felt as though people had given up on this franchise and decided to find something else to watch. But when Brian and Dom were brought back for another run it was evident that there was something else going on. With Letty’s ‘death’ and the return of those that helped to start the franchise the movie went on a tear as the final scenes showed the crew just waiting to bust Dom out and go on their merry way once again.

Filming in the Dominican Republic looks like it might have been kind of interesting to say the least.

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