Five Awesome Movie Cameo Appearances by Rockstars

Rockstars have a way of getting around in the entertainment industry, and while music videos have been making use of actors for years, the movies have been doing the same for rockstars since a lot of them just need to act like their regular selves in order to be effective. When rockstars get the chance to be in a movie as themselves it’s great, but even those that end up being put into a different role tend to do just fine since in a cameo they’re not really the crux of the movie, at least not in a manner that’s going to require them to learn a huge number of lines. In some cases, the stars don’t have any lines and just need to show up and put on a convincing act. It is a treat to see a rockstar in the movies more often than not since it’s a slight jog in the narrative to add them in, especially when they get to act like their regular selves. It brings a bit of a surprise to the movie in a way that people tend to enjoy since it’s kind of like seeing your favorite actor show up where you don’t expect them to be.

Here are just a few of the best rockstar cameos in movies.

5. Alanis Morissette – Dogma

Casting Alanis Morissette as ‘God’ in this movie might have made a lot of people roll their eyes for various reasons, but one of them is kind of obvious since Alanis is known for her ability to raise her voice when it comes to her music. But the whole idea of hearing the ‘voice of God’ in the movie was that a mortal wouldn’t be able to survive since their head would explode and their heart would burst from their chest. Seeing her open her mouth wide to make a simple utterance was enough to think that Kevin Smith kind of knew what he was doing in this instance. But her behavior after that is also a hint at the joy that a creator can find in their own creation, which was an interesting quirk.

4. Flea – Son-in-Law

Flea has been in a few movies to date, but this one cameo in Son-in-Law was great since it was brief and it detailed him as a crazy kind of guy that wasn’t entirely balanced but was more or less what a person might expect when visiting a tattoo parlor. Granted, a lot of people that work in these places are decent and very hard-working people, but when you see the ink that a lot of them sport one has to wonder just balanced they are if they happen to like that much pain. Flea is definitely one of those guys you look at and wonder just how he managed to handle the pain of his own ink at times. But hey, to each their own.

3. Alice Cooper – Wayne’s World

What’s funny about rockstars sometimes is that their image becomes so far removed from who they really are, and Alice Cooper is one of those that can attest to this since the guy has what many would think of as a very normal life offstage. He’s coached little league baseball, he’s a born-again Christian, and he’s a very interesting individual beyond his persona on stage. But in a movie like Wayne’s World, there was no doubt that the thought would be that he might be a partying, hardcore image of himself that would be more likely to drink the blood of a live chicken than to give a brief dissertation on the history of Milwaukie.

2. Billy Idol – The Wedding Singer

There are certain moments in movies when a rockstar is perfect to inject into the narrative since they just fit in the most perfect of ways. Billy Idol and the 80s were perfect for each other since punk rock was a big thing and people were crazy about it. But the fact is that he fits into this story without any trouble at all since he basically had to play himself and not stress too much about the rest of it. He’s still a big name in the music industry since among many others he helped to push things forward in a big way and he’s been rewarded for it throughout the years. Plus, The Wedding Singer was just a hilarious movie and was made a little better by Idol’s presence.

1. Ozzy Osbourne – Little Nicky

Okay, Little Nicky was a horrible movie and that much can be agreed upon, but Ozzy’s appearance in the movie was still one of the best moments since it was a complete shock to a lot of people that he would be used as a force of good at one point. The whole biting the head off the bat thing was a mistake back in the day since he didn’t mean to bite a live bat’s head off, but it’s stuck with him obviously, and he’s been a good sport about it.

Rockstars can make decent actors now and again, thankfully.

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