Five Amazing Comeback Scenes in Non Sports Movies

Five Amazing Comeback Scenes in Non Sports Movies

Five Amazing Comeback Scenes in Non Sports Movies

Some of the greatest sports comeback scenes have been from movies that aren’t really even sports related. They generally involve an underdog who is at the mercy of bullies, or a guy that has a hidden talent that comes out at the most perfect part of the film.  In any event, they’re valuable scenes that bring just as much to the table as sports movies.

We’ve gathered a collection of five of the best comeback scenes from non-sports movies.

1. “[easyazon_link identifier=”B0035JPVVG” locale=”US” tag=”tvovermind00a-20″]Escape From L.A.[/easyazon_link]”

This scene shows the one eyed Kurt Russell perhaps at his best in the film. He walks through the gate, looking confident but as the camera focuses on his face, a note of concern is obvious. He dribbles a little before making an overhead shot that would otherwise have fans screaming and stomping in the bleachers. When you consider the fact that he wears an eye patch and is under a ton of pressure to but the basketball in the hoop, it’s a pretty impressive move. He made the shot at full court right at the buzzer.

2. “[easyazon_link identifier=”B000A7DVR2″ locale=”US” tag=”tvovermind00a-20″]The Big Lebowski[/easyazon_link]” Jesus bowling scene

This is a big moment for “Jesus” played by John Turturro. He knocks ’em all down in this bowling scene that leaves John Goodman and Jeff Bridges feeling disgusted and appalled. Jesus is on the rival bowling team and he’s kicking butt. Goodman delivers his hilariously funny and famous line…”That creep can roll man.” What makes this scene so grand is that Turturro is a hot shot bowler and he is a sore winner who feels the need to intimidate players on the other team as he gloats. Goodman happens to know that he’s a registered pedophile who had to go door to door, self-disclosing to all of the neighbors.

3. “[easyazon_link identifier=”B01M6730DP” locale=”US” tag=”tvovermind00a-20″]Forrest Gump[/easyazon_link]” Football Scene

In this scene, Forrest wasn’t really aware of what it took to be a good football player, but he could really run. The coaches knew that all they had to do was give him the ball and tell him to run it to the end zone and he would robotically fulfill their wish. He made the winning run for the team in this scene.

4. “[easyazon_link identifier=”B0034G4P7G” locale=”US” tag=”tvovermind00a-20″]The Social Network[/easyazon_link]” Henley Royal Regatta

This is one of the most awesome scenes of the movie. The central plot centers around winning and losing. The Winklevoss twins find out how bitter losing can be as the underdogs forge ahead to win the race. There would be no honorable mention for second place in this high stakes competition.

5. “[easyazon_link identifier=”B0012M8ZTS” locale=”US” tag=”tvovermind00a-20″]Mr. Woodcock[/easyazon_link]” wrestling scene

Sean William Scott took the coach’s abuse for years as a kid. He goes off, becomes successful and returns to discover that Woodcock is dating his mom. The two compete viciously in this offbeat comedy. The wrestling scene is where Scott finally gets on top of his former coach and beats him at wrestling. This is as much an emotional comeback as it is a physical victory for the formerly obese youth, who has since grown to a man.

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