Five Actors Who Should Play Larry King in a Movie

Thinking that anyone would let the opportunity to make a movie about the life of Larry King go by would be kind of a hard thing to imagine since the man was a legend in his own time and was one of those that a lot of people couldn’t help but think was going to outlast us at all at one point. Sadly, King passed away not long ago and now it’s easy to think that at one time or another we’re going to see some representation of him in a movie, and it’s easy to think that people are going to want to see a competent choice when it comes to who will play the celebrity. Whoever takes on this task is going to have plenty of eyes on them no doubt since this is not a part to be taken lightly and it’s not one that a lot of people can fill since Larry was not a big guy, which cancels out a lot of people right away. But when playing a part such as Larry King it’s best to think that it will be something that people will use to judge a person and their efficiency as a director and as an actor.

Here are a few actors that might be able to take on the role.

5. John Travolta

This might feel like an odd choice since Travolta is a bit bigger than Larry, but the fact is that he’s a decent actor and might be able to pull it off in terms of his look and his ability to become someone else on the screen. It might not work, but it does feel that he would be an option if nothing else since this role would exclude some guys, but not everyone. There’s a good chance that Travolta could make this work and that he would actually do a decent impression that might make people see the wisdom behind this choice. The question is whether he would or not.

4. Gary Oldman

I know that I put this guy on a lot of the lists that I put out, but he’s just that good and on top of it he could fit the description a lot easier than some people simply because he’s not a hefty guy and could portray Larry in a much more efficient manner. Plus, his ability to act is more than good enough to make this an obvious choice that a lot of people might make. He’s one of those that are able to become just about anyone he needs to be and can play a good guy or a bad guy or someone that’s kind of in-between since no one really knows how to label them. In other words, he’s an everyman type of actor.

3. Jack Nicholson

Jack is another guy that might be getting kind of old for this type of role, but it’s possible it would work if it was done right since his personality alone makes it likely that it might be a good decision. It’s always possible that the movie might need a few actors that would fit certain periods of time in King’s life, and Jack would definitely fit the bill when it came to Larry’s older years. It might not be a big role but one can imagine that Jack would still pull down a pretty good paycheck at the end and would give a performance the likes of which only he could give. This could be worth that kind of consideration.

2. Steve Buscemi

So far all those that have been selected have been done so in order to showcase Larry’s older years, but it feels easy to think that Steve might be able to showcase Larry’s middle-aged life if things were planned out in the right manner. Given the idea that Steve is an actor that can accomplish more than a few roles, it’s easy to think that he might be able to take on this role and make it into something that people would be willing to watch. If nothing else it would be amusing since his ability to perform drama is only rivaled by his comedic skills that have been seen over the years.

1. Christian Bale

This might sound like an odd pick, but not really, since Bale has shown that he can take on just about any role like so many others and can nail it without too much trouble, which means that he could take this and really run with it. Seeing as how he’s transformed himself into one character after another it’s easy to state that he could accept this role and make it into something that people would be able to watch and absolutely enjoy. At this point, all that really needs to be said is that the movie is going to be made.

It would be interesting to watch, there’s no doubt of that.

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