Five Actors Who Should Play Kelly Loeffler in a Movie

Five Actors Who Should Play Kelly Loeffler in a Movie

Five Actors Who Should Play Kelly Loeffler in a Movie

How one feels about Kelly Loeffler really depends on how they feel about the current way that politics are being run and whether or not they agree with everything that’s been happening in the US at this time. But if you don’t know that much about Kelly then it’s time to read up on the news a bit and realize that she is a staunch Trump supporter as well as a US senator that many people on the left would no doubt have a serious problem with due to her stance on various issues. Without getting into that, thankfully, it does feel that at one point that a movie might actually be made featuring many people that have supported Donald Trump over the last four years and when that time comes it might be a good idea to put the best faces forward that can be found in order to give what might be painted a negative story a decent face. Again, without delving too deeply into the politics of it all, if at all, the fact is that while much of Hollywood is quite obviously liberal, the hope would be that more fact than biased fiction would come out of such a movie, and no matter who was cast in which role, they would give an honest and unbiased performance that could be judged by their dedication and willingness to perform, not just denigrate those they’re selected to play.

Here are a few women who could possibly take on the role of Kelly Loeffler.

5. Drew Barrymore

One thing that all of these picks are based on is looks since the ability to pull off the right smile, the right attitude, and simply look something like the subject that’s being used for a role are important. Acting talent is of course of great importance as well, but seeing as how a movie about Trump might use some people as bit-players it’s fair to state that they might not have a lot of lines and simply need to look the part. But in this case Drew can do both, as she can act and she can be someone that helps to lend a bit more star power to a project just by being there sometimes.

4. Laura Dern

She might be kind of an odd choice since in the looks department she might be pulling away just a bit, and the fact is that like a few other actresses on this list Laura is starting to age a bit. But that hasn’t kept her from doing what she’s good at, since she can take a role and make it work in a big way. Plus, she’s no stranger to dramatic roles since she’s nailed quite a few of them in her time, some of them with her mother, Diane Ladd, in the same picture. If you can act that convincing when your parent is around then there’s something to be said for your skill and confidence, both of which Laura has plenty of.

3. Brooklyn Decker

We don’t tend to hear her name that often, do we? She’s still active even if she’s not seen all over the place, and she’s still more than skilled enough to take on a role such as this since it might even help to bolster her career if she did get the part. Brooklyn might not be the first pick, but she would be someone that would be wise to consider if other choices fell through since she can act, she’s great on-screen, and she’s someone that’s dependable even if she’s not bound to be front and center all the time. That kind of feels what this role would call for anyway, so she would be a smart name to keep on the list.

2. Charlize Theron

When it comes to attitude and being able to turn on the charm, Charlize can make it happen and that’s hard to deny since she’s been on her way up for some time now and it’s been a little more than obvious. It’s difficult to say if she would take this role but it’s also kind of easy to assume that since it’s another role that many actresses would at least try to get it just to see how they could do. It’s work after all, and despite the fact that many entertainers are likely still well-off, they do need to keep working, so a role is a role.

1. Uma Thurman

Uma is a different kind of actress in that for one role she can look absolutely stunning and in another, she can look downright haggard. But this transformation is something that can happen rather quickly and it’s kind of impressive since after seeing her downplay her looks, which works like a charm, she can come back and be a knockout, as many would agree. It does feel that she could play this role if she wanted it.

There’s no shortage of the right attitude in Hollywood, so it does feel as though it might come down to who looks more like Kelly when it comes to getting this part.

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