Five Actors We Would Like to See Play Neil Young in A Movie

If you appreciate music, then there is a high chance that you know who Neil Young is. If you are not in the know of this figure, then he is one of the most prominent figures in music, taking a solid role as a singer, songwriter, and a multi-instrumentalist. He is a Canadian-American who has taken the artistry scene to significant levels for the past six decades. According to his Wikipedia page, his niche is in the rock music genre, taking part in hard rock, folk-rock, country-rock, and proto-grunge. To celebrate his efforts in the entertainment scene, a biography would do him justice. Looking at the movie, who would be the best fit as an actor to take on his role? Below are some of the Hollywood standards who can ideally bring out the part of this rockstar.

1. Tom Cruise

When looking at actors who embrace the rockstar lifestyle in their demeanor and would do justice to a movie on musical figures, Tom Cruise is one of the top picks. He is an accomplished actor and has been a common feature in the film industry for almost four-decades. His longevity in the scene gives him the relevant expertise to bring any part to life. One thing that makes Tom Cruise the number one actor to play Neil Young is his perceived bad boy persona that comes from the various roles he plays. The bad guy character fits in perfectly with the personality of Neil Young, which, as a cliché, has an association of a don’t-care attitude. He can play a younger Neil, as you can see from IMDb; the effort he puts in as a rockstar in the film, Rock of Ages. The only thing that can work against him in taking Neil Young’s role is his height, as he is quite shorter than the rockstar.

2. Jerry Trainor

Jerry Trainor, as an entry in the list of the best actors to play this musical genius, seems a joke, literally, due to his prominence in comedy. The common expectation with biopics is that they are mostly in the drama category. However, Jerry Trainor can add a touch of humor to the film to embody the personality of an entertainment scene figure. One standout thing that makes Trainor a suitable pick for the role is their resemblance. He can play a younger version of the musician as their looks, mostly facial, have a similarity. The hairdo that Jerry sports take us back to the 1970s version of Young. Their heights are almost similar, with the actor being only six centimeters taller than the music personality. With an over 20-year figure in experience, there is the assurance that Trainor will bring his best when it comes to the portrayal of Neil.

3. Leonardo Dicaprio

You cannot talk about biopics without having Leonardo Dicaprio as a consideration. He is one actor that brings talent and hard work to the table making him one of the best actors in this generation. Versatility is one of his major winning points as he can play a variety of parts and show how talented he is as an entertainer. As from his website, you can see his decent filmography, with some being biographical films such as J. Edgar and The Wolf of Wall Street. He has been in the entertainment sector for long and has a good relationship with several film directors, who might take a backstage role on this biopic. He also has a significant fan-base, which translates to box office success in terms of viewership of the biography movie.

4. Brad Pitt

For a biography to be successful in viewership numbers, it has to bring the right personnel to the mix, and the main actor is the center point. Brad Pitt is one of the most critically acclaimed actors, and has an excellent reception in the film scene. He has been acting for over thirty years and has the experience needed to take the leading role as Neil Young in his biopic. He has the looks, primarily when you focus on the height and complexion. He can play a younger Neil with some tweaks in his looks. He has the height advantage, and at 1.8 meters tall, he has an almost similar build to the rockstar in his heydays. His good backstage character also makes him fit to work with a ton of actors and backstage personalities with no hitches.

5. Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling is one of the actors who possesses intense charisma and can fit naturally into the role or a rockstar. He has the height, the looks, and he is also Canadian hence can bring the native essence of the musician to life. Gosling is well-known for his professionalism and will definitely do his level best to ensure that the biopic is successful. He has the expertise element to his name courtesy of his lengthy stay in the entertainment industry as he has beginnings as a child actor. He is a very adaptable actor and can bring a comedic or serious essence to the role he plays. He has a reputation for taking part in comedic and romance projects, and taking part in a biography can show off his diversity attribute when it comes to film. Some facial tweaks, maybe to his hair and other visible physical characteristics, can make him own Neil Young’s character.


In the world of music artistry, we have vital figures that portray their talent and have a reputation that will go for ages without fading. Neil Young is one of such talent, and for almost fifty years, he has been outstanding in the music scene both as part of a band and as a solo artist. His genre is rock and he has had a strong presence in subgenres of rock, such as proto-grunge and domestic rock. One way to acknowledge his achievements in music is by having his biopic. Above are some of the actors that can give life to his character and garner the appreciation that he deserves.

Photo via Man Alive on CC

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