The First Clip Of the New Samurai Jack Series is Released

Anyone else remember how pumped everyone was for Season 5 of Samurai Jack a couple weeks back?  Let me give you a refresher.   The consensus on the new Samurai Jack Season 5 trailer has been nothing short of spectacular.  Not only are fans of the existing series excited, the trailer is bringing in new droves of potential fans, including myself.   I mean I’ve seen pictures and clips of the show before, but nothing that would get me to go though the hassle of actively finding the show. This trailer finally did it.  In fact it’s made it so that I’m going to need to watch the first four seasons because I’d like to be caught up here.   A reddit comment summed it up best.

Many moons ago I finished the series and turned off the tv. I moved to close the window before bed and a gust of wind rushed past my house. Some voice rode the wind into my room, a voice so faint and fleeting I would doubt I had heard anything at all for years to come. Then on this morning, watching this trailer, I remember the words on the wind as clear as the reflection in my blade…gotta get back, gotta get back

Well guess what folks?  We’ve got ourselves a first clip of the series and it seems as though the show is keep up with all the hype. Who else is pumped?

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