Fergie’s NBA All-Star Game Star Spangled Banner Didn’t Exactly Go Well

Fergie has caused a stir on social media recently for all the wrong reasons. When she delivered an unusual performance at the NBA All-Star Game, she wanted to make it memorable and unique. While she achieved both of these, she has been criticized and mocked for her performance. She was to perform the United States national anthem before the start of the NBA All-Star Game. The Grammy Award-winning singer seemed a good choice as she has a powerful voice that can travel across the crowd. As she is so successful in her music career, it is likely that both the players and the spectators were expecting a stunning performance.

Unfortunately, the performance she delivered was a surprise for all those who witnessed it. Speaking of her performance, Fergie has explained that she wanted to try something different and deliver what is one of the best-known songs in an unusual way. She was keen to take a risk artistically. However, by her own admission, it was a risk that did not pay off. The rendition of the national anthem she performed was bluesy and reminiscent of something a cabaret singer would perform in a jazz club. Immediately, it was clear that this rendition wasn’t being well-received by those in attendance at the sporting event, which took place at the Staples Center. As she performed a chuckle began to spread through the crowd of spectators at the 67th edition of the NBA’s annual showcase.

The crowd reacted in different ways as Fergie song. While some simply looked bemused, others openly laughed at the singer. As the cameras focused on the players, who were lined-up trying to look respectful for the national anthem, the players were visibly attempting to keep a straight face. Some looked down at the floor in their attempts not to laugh while others had a comical look on their faces from the strain of not laughing out loud. Daymond Green, the Golden State All-Star, was actually shown on the scoreboard standing open-mouthed with a confused expression. As soon as he realized he had been caught doing this on television, he began to laugh.

Technically speaking, there was nothing wrong with her performance. She sang in tune, on pitch, and at the right tempo to match the musical accompaniment. However, the style in which she sang, and her sexy performance were not what is usually expected for a patriotic song or for a sporting event. The highlight of Fergie’s performance came when she stopped singing and yelled, “Let’s play some basketball!” It was only at this point that she finally got a cheer from the crowd. Fergie, from The Black Eyed Peas, was born in Hacienda Heights, California, which is close to the stadium. She said of her performance that she had tried her best and that she had obviously not struck the tone she had intended.

It wasn’t only those present who have had something to say about her unusual performance as social media users have also had plenty of comments to make. There were many negative comments with some going as far as to say that Fergie had disrespected the national anthem. She is not the first person to have their performance at an NBA game criticized. Marvin Gaye had a similar experience when his rhythm-and-blues version of the national anthem was widely criticized. However, it was later considered a groundbreaking musical performance.

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