Fargo 1.05 Review: “The Six Ungraspables”


Whew! I made it through another episode of FX’s Fargo but I have to say, it’s exhausting. Every time I think one thing is going to happen, something totally different happens. I always try to figure out what is motivating characters and what they are thinking, but with this show, it just doesn’t work like it usually does. However, every twist and turn taken is incredibly interesting.

I have a confession to make. I haven’t seen the movie that this series is based on. However, I am a huge Coen brothers fan. I read a recap before I started covering it and I planned to watch the movie as well, but then I read an interview with Alison Tolman (Molly) who said she didn’t watch the movie until she had filmed about 5 episodes, I thought it would be fun to write from that perspective instead. Now, since episode 5 has come and gone, I will Netflix that shizz this weekend and have a fresh take on the second half of the season. I’ve seen plenty of Coen brother movies, and at the beginning this show felt a little like Burn After Reading. Anyway, it was drawn to my attention last week that I missed a huge nod to the movie, so I felt like I should give a little background before I dove in this week!

Now Lester is slowly slipping into madness since his bullet shard wound is festering and infected, and he is simultaneously being interrogated by the two gentlemen who are still aggressively seeking Sam Hess’ killer. Since they are all locked in a holding cell together, the two gentlemen (okay, not-so-gentle men) get a leg up, and they get Lester to give them Lorne’s name. Right about that time, their bail is posted, and the two gentlemen make their escape. The only time we see them for the rest of the episode is when we see them receiving information from a faceless police officer, and it includes the file they have with the picture of Lorne. I have two questions. One, who posted bail for them? Two, who is the officer they got this from? Are they the same person? I’m quite confused as to their role in all this, but darned if I’m not intrigued by the whole thing!

Molly, meanwhile, is presenting her findings on (the case that is no longer) her case to Bill, who stops dead when he hears what she has to say. It’s taken quite a while, but Bill is finding that he’s at least a semi-competent cop and can’t completely ignore evidence. Conveniently, they need to go talk to Lester again, and he happens to be in police custody. However, he’s delusional from the infection, and they have to take him to the hospital. Molly manages to get Lester to admit that he never paid Lorne, but from the theory she presented, it seems as though she suspects something different that what went down. Though, she does break into Lester’s house to have her own look around, and even looked in the dryer!

Gus Grimly was feeling pretty low after Malvo tricked everyone into thinking he’s a minister from up north. Gus knows that he’s fooled everyone, but doesn’t know how to prove it. But, he can’t sleep, so after a long philosophical discussion with his neighbor, he goes out to do something about it. He’s out when he’s spotted by Malvo, who then follows him home, but does nothing other than that. No reason to interrupt his phone conversation with Molly (awww). Seriously though, I took a huge sigh of relief when Gus survived the episode tonight.

This brings me to my main point, Malvo is a complete wildcard. Week after week, comparing him to The Joker (just wants to watch the world burn) is looking more and more accurate, except that he didn’t kill Gus tonight. What did he do? Let’s recap. He bought a police scanner and a walkie talkie (they come in pairs, dude), and immediately takes them to Don’s place, where he calls Stavros. Stavros is freaked out about the bugs, so he decided that he’s going to pay. Of course, this elates poor dimwit Don, who Lorne then proceeds to lock in his own pantry with his own power drill. THEN, Lorne drives Stavros to pick up the money and then take him home. On his way to Stavros’ house (amidst a rather disturbing discussion story about a dog) he spots Gus. He leaves Stavros at home and follows Gus home. Gus’ neighbor spots him, and pretty much demand that he move his vehicle. Malvo moves, but not before making a veiled threat to this man’s family and pretends (maybe not pretends?) to be racist.

Now, we are five episodes in and I have no clue what Lorne is up to. I don’t know what he’s thinking, why he’s doing what he’s doing, or anything. Maybe a watch of the film this weekend will change that a little, but somehow I doubt it. Two times tonight I thought for sure that Malvo was going do something completely different than he did. First, I thought he was going to kill Don and take the blackmail money for himself (or whoever he’s working for?), but instead he just drilled him inside his own pantry. Hmm. The second time, I thought for SURE he was going to shoot Gus in the back. Lucky for all of us Gus/Molly ‘shippers (Golly? Mus? Grimlerson? Solvely?), he did not, but I was sure that he was going to. So all of this begs the question: What is Lorne Malvo up to now? What the heck is he going to do next? I have no idea, but the writers and Billy Bob Thornton have me DYING to find out. Seriously. Whoa.

What do you think Lorne is up to? Who do you think will get out of this alive? What’s the best ‘shipper name for Gus and Molly? Should I be condemned for my use of the word ‘shipper? I’d love to hear from you! See you next week in Bemidji!

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