What Fans Will Want if There’s a Prison Break Season 6

Fans everywhere were thrilled when Prison Break came back seven long years after its initial cancellation. Of course, we all wondered how they could possibly top previous seasons where the boys escaped from Fox River and then from a Panamanian prison. Well, their escape from a prison in Yemen is just as exciting, if not more. The boys of Prison Break are back and they’re better than ever.

So, when [not if] Prison Break Season 6 arrives, what would all of us fans really like to see? Well, here are a few story ideas:

1. Bring Back Mahone

We miss him. Sure, he’s doing “Mom” right now but we’d still like to see him come back for Prison Break Season 6. He was an integral character in previous seasons and William Fichtner is a great actor. Besides, we also love the way the magic of television can turn a bad guy into a good guy almost overnight. The writers, director, and Mr. Fichtner made us believe that he was a murderous drug-addicted FBI agent and then turned the tables on us and made it a matter of protecting his family. Beautiful!

2. Bring Back Whip

We loved the twist last season of T-Bag having a son. In fact, the kid even looked like him. Here’s another character who went from bad to good in a blink of the eye. OK, we saw Whip get shot and die on the floor but hey, this is TV, they can bring anybody back with just a somewhat plausible back-story about their death. He was an interesting character and the dynamic between bad-Dad and good-Son was great. The adventures of big and little Tea-Bag could be a lot of fun for Prison Break Season 6.

3. Peace & Happiness for Michael, Sarah & Mike

Even if it’s only temporary, and we know it has to be because, after all, this is Prison Break, right? We would just like to see the three of them have a few blissful days and nights of happy family time together. Is that too much to ask? Perhaps but oh well, it could happen. These three have been through so much in past seasons that they deserve it.

4. Give Linc and Sheba a Chance at Love

In Prison Break Season 6, we would love to see them get together on a more permanent basis. She’s so sweet yet so bad-ass. We just love her. And, the two of them together is a marriage made in heaven. Both of them also deserve some happiness and a chance to get to know each other better without bombs going off around them.

5. More Action & More of Michael’s Brilliant Mind

Last but not least, we would love to see some more in-depth explanations of Michael’s tattoos and explore more about how his brilliant mind works. He’s such a complicated mysterious guy and we often want to say, “How’d he do that?” even though, in reality, we love the mystery of it all. And, OK we admit it, we just want to see as much of that non-stop Prison Break action that made the series such a huge hit in the first place. Let’s face it, nobody does action like Prison Break and we’re quite sure that Prison Break Season 6 will be no less action-packed and exciting as the previous seasons. So, all we can say at this point is, “We can’t wait!”

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