F-Boy Island: Is It The Most Feminist Show On Television?

F-Boy Island: Is It The Most Feminist Show On Television?

Let’s be real, FBoy Island was way better than most of us ever thought it would be. This HBO dating series places all the power in the hands of women. Set in the Cayman Islands, three women, Sarah Emig, CJ Franco, and Nakia Renee, struggle to find love amongst 24 men. Twelve of these guys are self-proclaimed bad boys, while the other 12  consider themselves to be “good guys.” On their journey to finding love while stranded on this beautiful island, the ladies had to use their intuition to figure out the good guys from the trash ones and which of the contestants were only it for the $100,000 cash prize! While the dating series had its fair share of drama, deceit, and steamy love scenes, what stood out most to viewers is that the show’s culture. Viewers are calling FBoy Island one of the most feminist dating shows in the genre, which is quite refreshing. Here few ways FBoy Island was rooted in “girl power”:

There Was A Sisterhood Amongst The Three Contestants

With their friends and families thousands of miles away, the ladies forged an alliance to help them weed through the group of FBoys. They confided in each other throughout the show and were even a shoulder to cry on when things got tough. All’s fair in love and war, right? Surprisingly, this wasn’t Sara’s, CJ’s, or Nakia’s approach to dating on the show. Although there were more than enough guys to go around for the girls, there weren’t any complicated love triangles that affected the bonded the ladies forged. According to Sara, one of the stars of the dating series, there was this unspoken rule that if one of them was interested in a guy, he was off-limits to the other. As independent and strong women, they were determined not to let the men affect their relationship with each other. The idea of fighting with each other over a guy was something they just weren’t willing to entertain.

The Host Was A Strong Role Model

The HBO Max dating series was executive produced and hosted by comedian Nikki Glaser, who played a major role in helping the ladies figure out which of the guys was actually there to make a romantic connection. Although, as the host, Nikii had to stay neutral, she showed her support of the ladies in unexpected ways. When she couldn’t talk to the ladies, she would slip them encouraging notes. In an interview with Esquire magazine, Glasser says, “I truly cared about the girls and was really invested in them making the right decisions.” Nikki also mentioned in the interview that she was ten years older than all of the ladies and probably had a bit more experience dealing with boys. Although her advice wasn’t always the best, she had their backs and did her best to help them navigate the dating scene on the island.

The Women Have The Power

From the very first episode, it’s clear that on FBoy Island, it’s a “woman’s world and the men are just living it.” Nikki opens the show letting the guys know that the women will determine their fate. Putting the power of choice in the hands of the leading ladies frees the women from societal constraints of the male ego. For once, the men are forced to compete and prove their undying love. Guys found out to be FBoys are cast-off to “Limbro,” a bamboo structure with burlaps sacks, and hay for a bed. When in Limbro, the guys have to fend for themselves in slightly undesirable conditions. There’s nothing that says “women empowerment” more than getting revenge on an FBoy for wasting your time.

The Ladies Rely On Their Experience To Help Them Pick The Right Guy

During the show, the leading ladies had to rely on their intuition and years of experience in the dating field to sort through the fake confessions of love, cringe-worthy encounters, and good guys who actually turned out to be FBoys. The constant emotional ups and downs were enough to make any woman call it quits. For the most part, the ladies had great FBoy radar, and they were eventually able to cut off the guys that weren’t good for them. It was quite refreshing to watch a female-centered dating series where the ladies didn’t fall in love overnight, and they didn’t get foolishly blinded by the guys’ charm. Instead, they remained strong, confident, and were capable of making firm decisions. We enjoyed most about this show because it wasn’t just centered around the ladies dating experiences but also put the spotlight on female camaraderie. It didn’t feel like a competition between women. In actuality, the women tried their best to help each other find their perfect match.

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