Why Don’t We Hear From Ty Pennington Anymore?

It’s not entirely accurate to say that we don’t hear from Ty Pennington anymore, but it would be accurate to say that we don’t hear from him nearly as much or in the same way. For a while Pennington was a big part of Trading Spaces. He then went to Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, but that show eventually got the ax from the network and he was forced to find other things to do to stay relevant. He went onto several other projects and even showed up in commercials but the effect just wasn’t the same and after a while he kind of faded from the screen for a period of time. That doesn’t mean he wasn’t busy behind the scenes or attempting to get back into the good graces of the industry however.

There are reasons he might have stayed away for a bit though, such as his DUI in 2007. He’s since apologized for the incident and took full accountability for his actions. That’s kind of refreshing really since a lot of celebrities have attempted to get their fines reduced and even get any sentence imposed upon them reduced by claiming extenuating circumstances. It’s fair to say that Ty at least owned up to what he did and was willing to face the music. But even then he was roasted by the media and made to appear as the bad guy for a while until the heat finally died down. He was rightly embarrassed by his lapse in judgment but at least paid the fine, did the mandatory class and didn’t shy away from the sentence handed down by a judge. Embarrassing as that likely was and as much as it could have killed his career he was proven to be a better man than some for standing up and owning his mistake.

Another reason he might have stayed away or a little while is his documented ADHD, or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, which is common in many people around the US. His hyper attitude was seemingly infectious for a while since he always seemed to be on the go and never knew how to slow down. But that was only one aspect of it and perhaps the least troubling. ADHD tends to make some folks a little too impulsive at times and causes them to seem as though they’re not paying attention as they’re trying to pay attention to everything at once. It’s not so much that they’re being rude and not giving a person their full attention, but their brain is wired to take in everything all at once and in such cases it’s very easy to miss things. This means that Ty was likely being told one thing or another and was focusing on a dozen other things and couldn’t remember what had just been said. This would have likely caused a lot of tension between him and his fellow cast members.

Honestly he’s been around doing various projects and he’s still there, but he’s been trying to calm down quite a bit throughout his career.

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