Does the Show Batwoman Deserve a Season 2?

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Always bound to be a shadow to its all-famous brother show Batman, Batwoman is now the subject of controversy. Many fans online cannot decide whether the show deserves a second season or should go down the gutter like others before it. What is true however is that there are positives and negatives we can pick out from the first season. Any superhero film fan knows who Batman is. Many however, have no idea or don’t know all too well, who the Batwoman is. As the legend goes, the Batwoman (Kate Kane) is a strong woman from the famous city of Gotham. Born into wealth, it was never her intention to become a vigilante but conditions around her force her hand eventually.

Kate Kane was in military school and by all means had life figured out, at least through her father’s connections. Her father Jacob Kane is the typical wealthy man that tries to provide for the family albeit without much care for anything else. Like all other rich men in Gotham, Jacob Kane hates vigilantes whom he views as an obstacle to prosperity and a threat to his fortune. Back To Kate. All does not go well in military school and she gets a dishonorable discharge. This discharge comes after years of brutal training that changes her personality. When she left home for military school, Kate was a polite and innocent girl. Nevertheless, on her return, she is wild and strong to say the least.

The Birth Of The Batwoman

After her discharge from military school, Kate returns home to Gotham to find her father the target of a gang. The Alice In Wonderland gang is targeting her father Jacob and his security firm. Like all other gangs in Gotham, the reason for this targeting is the marginalization of the poor and the misguided sense of entitlement of the rich. The Alice In Wonderland gang goes ahead to kidnap the best crow officer in her father’s security firm, Sophie Moore. Sophie happens to be Kate’s ex-girlfriend for whom Kate still has feelings. It is at this point that Kate now morphs into that very thing that her father hates the most. She becomes a vigilante in Gotham. According to Deadline, the Batwoman now seeks to continue the legacy of her long lost cousin, Bruce Wayne (Batman) in a second season. She receives help from her stepsister Mary and Luke Fox.

How Was The First Season?

The first season of the show, which aired on The CV network, received some of the lowest ratings ever. According to the TV Series Finale, in the 18-49 demographic, which is the most significant for this show, it constantly averaged 0.30. The number of viewers was not that appealing either with the show having 1.15 million viewers within the same demographic. While some may brush this off as just a slow start, the rating and the number of viewers has shown a worrying trend. Compared to other DC shows, the Batwoman did not reach the heights that others reached in their inaugural season.

While skeptics admit that the show did not lack in anything, much of their disapproval arises from the fact that show copies too much about Batman. In a city where two most prominent characters, Joker and Batman have reigned long, the introduction of a third character did not go well with many fans. Many DC lovers agree that the character was best left as a comic or as a cameo in main shows occasionally. Nevertheless, as others would argue, there was nothing to lose in trying to put out the Batwoman to lift DC’s image.

Is A Second Season Worth It?

This question receives as much support as it receives bashing. Batwoman came about as a way of introducing more female superhero themed films for the DC network. At first, the support was there and a lot of people watched it to see what the show was all about. Although DC comic fans know the end story, they still watched to see what new twist would come about. It is this same lot that was look for that interesting twist that was the most disappointed by the first season. If anything, the first season was plain and all too familiar. In some of the fan forums, many people could predict the next move and what would happen in the subsequent episode.

TV ratings depend a lot on viewer sentiment and the more negative the sentiment is, the more the ratings suffer. Here is where it all went wrong for the Batwoman. That negative sentiment eventually weighed in on the show. According to Cinema Blend, the ratings dropped rapidly and what seemed as an enthusiasm to watch the show at first quickly derailed into a quest to urge others not to watch. The CW network however continued airing the show and the first season eventually came to a close.

Recently, conversations center on whether the show deserves a second season. The main catalyst behind this conversation is the move by The CW network to renew Batwoman for a second season. Ardent viewers lauded the move and are looking forward to when the launch will happen. On the other hand, those that feel unconvinced are making it their sole purpose to shun down any enthusiastic talk of the show making a comeback. Which of these two groups wins in the end is a matter of time but as for now, the show is coming back.


Although it may seem like a good thing to air the second season of the show because all superhero movies connect at a point, this feels misguided. The Batwoman will never rise to the heights that the brother show, Batman has. The main reason for this is that the Batwoman’s cause is not as convincing as that of Bruce Wayne, AKA Batman. In our opinion, Batwoman is not worth a second season and the first season should serve as learning point that a dull superhero movie is a NO. Viewers are looking for interesting plot twists, which the Batwoman does not offer.

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