Dispatch is Certainly a One of a Kind Game Inspired by a Horror Story

Dispatch is Certainly a One of a Kind Game Inspired by a Horror Story


Dispatch is a game developed and published by indie developer Two Shoed Lou. The game is currently only available through the developers’ website here, and you can choose to pay for the game and help support the developers, or you can just choose to download the game for free. Up until about a week ago, I had never even heard of this game, but I thought the premise of it sounded incredibly interesting. You play as a 911 dispatcher in charge of taking calls, but the cool thing is that it uses voice recognition in order to use your microphone and allows you to speak the commands that you would normally just click on the screen. So, what do you need to know about Dispatch? Before you continue reading, I highly suggest you go check this game out here and play through it (it only takes about 20 minutes) because there are some pretty major plot twists throughout, and you’re going to want to experience those for yourself.

Last Call

Dispatch is a game that is inspired by a Reddit post in the r/nosleep subreddit. The post is titled “My Final Call As A Police Dispatcher Has Scarred Me” and it describes the poster’s final call as a police dispatcher, but this was no ordinary call, basically what happened was a child was all alone in her house, because her sister was camping with friends and her mother was working late. The dispatcher received a call from the child who said that she needed policemen, because she thought someone was in her house. The dispatcher went on with the typical dispatcher questions, asking her for her address and phone number. After a short while, it was discovered that the person in her house was no person at all, but some “thing.” Whatever this “thing” was, it had her father’s voice, and it began to try breaking down her door. The dispatcher asked her if she had anything to protect herself, to which she replied a “pink rabbit” that her dad gave to her when she was little (this is important later). Eventually, the dispatcher began to hear sirens, and they told the girl that the officers were almost there, but unfortunately, the girl didn’t respond right away. Then she said that she thinks it’s gone, and the dispatcher sighed in relief and leaned back in the chair, when they asked the girl what she saw. The question was met with no response again. Then the girl began to laugh and the laugh “grew more raucous and less human with every second.” The girl was dead. Eventually, the dispatcher tried to forget about the call, but the “thing” wasn’t done with them. They heard the sounds of footsteps running throughout the house and after a long while of laying in bed paralyzed with fear, got up and looked under the bedroom door to see some unmoving object. After a bit more time, the dispatcher then opened the bedroom door slightly and stuck their head out to see what was out there. Just outside the door was the little pink bunny, covered in dark stains, and the sound of the girl’s laughter echoed throughout the house.

What is Dispatch?

Dispatch is inspired by the Reddit post above, but does switch things up a little bit. You start in a police dispatch room and you get a call from your chief, who keeps telling you that “it’s not your fault” and “no one’s blaming you,” so it’s safe to assume that something happened, whether it was the call from the Reddit post, or something else. Anyway, you get a couple of minor calls: one about a dog who ate a Snickers bar, and the other about some lady who won’t leave a closed store, but then you get a third call. The call comes from a mother who is hiding in her house with her child, Sophie, and she believes that her ex-husband (Sophie’s father) is trying to break into their house. Your job is to send a unit to their house, but the unit takes forever to get there. Seriously, there was a point during this call where I thought that the game was bugged, because nothing was happening. When you get to this point, do not close the game. It’s not bugged. This is how it’s supposed to play out. Just spin around in your chair waiting for something to happen, if you take a look behind you, you’ll see the pink bunny from the Reddit story on the bulletin board. You have a few different dialogue options for each response, so there may be more than one ending, but the ending I picked got Sophie out of the house alive, but unfortunately her mother didn’t make it. I’m not going to go into all the details about what happens throughout the call, because the big thing that I want to get into is the very end of the game. I had absolutely no idea that this was a horror game until the very end. I went into Dispatch assuming that it was just a police dispatcher simulation. Police finally got to the scene, I made the right calls, I saved the girl – I was having a blast…until I swiveled my chair around. As the chair spin neared completion, I realized that something was off – the bunny was gone. I realized in a split-second what was about to happen, and what this game truly was, but it was too late. The bunny was sat on the desk now, as well as a horrifying creature that grabs you and throws you across the room. Then the game ends.

I had never expected this game to turn into what it did, but I still had an incredibly fun time playing it. It’s extremely short, maybe 15-20 minutes at most, so if you’re looking for a fun game to kill some time, or give you a quick scare – Dispatch is definitely the game for you.free

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